Dificult Windows

Bay or Bow Windows
Three options present themselves for bay and bow windows. Their usefulness depends on your particular setup and desires for the finished product.

  • Stretch one valance over all involved windows, then give each window its own blinds or cafe curtains. This will give a more casual appearance but also offers a great amount of light control.
  • Hang curtains on a bay or bow window rod. This allows each window to have its own set of curtains, if desired, while eliminating the potential problems of conflict between multiple rods within a small amount of space. Add a drapery panel on each end of the overall unit for added elegance.
  • Hang drapery panels and valance on a straight rod on the outside of the recess holding the window unit.

Casement Windows
You might consider swivel rods for your curtains or draperies. This allows them to be rotated out of the way when you wish to access the window-opening crank.

Corner Windows

  • Treat windows that converge at a corner of the room as a single unit.
  • Hang a panel at either end of the unit. For a more dramatic look, hang a third panel in the corner. Alternatively, you can decorate the top with swags and replace the panels with jabots.
  • Use a corner rod. This avoids an ugly empty area in the corner without having to deal with two rods conflicting with each other where they converge.


  • If they open inward, be especially careful that they can clear all soft treatments. Make sure stackbacks completely clear the door. A high-perched valance may be the best option.
  • Do not use puddled drapes or curtains, even for sliding doors, as they can still catch.
  • Consider swivel rods.
  • Attach the draperies or curtains to the windows of the doors themselves

Dormer Windows

  • Consider swivel rods. Dormer windows generally offer very little room to stack open curtains or draperies. Alternatively, use the lightest weight curtains, which take up less space when stacked.
  • Apply your treatment to the outside of the recess containing the window. A valance and two side panels is the usual treatment.

Specialty Shapes

  • Use bent rod kits. These curtains, however, will be stationary.
  • If the window is rectangular with a specialty shaped top, such as an arch, string a cafe curtain across the bottom section only.