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Picking Window Coverings
The Right Window Coverings for Your Windows

French Doors
American Blinds & Wallpaper offers an amazing amount of choices for French doors. If you're looking for a something a bit more classic in appearance, sheers are always a popular option. However, if you'd like something a bit more modern, or are afraid of getting the sheer fabric dirty from the door's constant use, there are other options.

When coming up with the perfect design for your French door, it's easiest to think of it as a window, instead of a door. To keep a uniform look throughout your room, you should try to match it with the other windows. For rooms that you'd prefer to keep dark, blackout honeycomb shades and room darkening roller shades are excellent choices for French doors. If you want to gently filter natural light but maintain privacy, a light-filtering honeycomb shade will be just right.

Since larger blinds could affect how the door opens and closes, you might want to choose a blind with a smaller slat. Typically, you'll find small slat wood blinds or mini blinds on French doors and small windows. To keep blinds or shades from slapping into the door every time you open and close it, it's best to use hold-down brackets with the product.

Windows with Superb Views

Want to keep a stunning view from your room? Shades are ideal, as their fabric lets them stack the highest when they're fully open. A top-down/bottom-up honeycomb shade is a great example of a window covering that gives you the best views.

Bay Windows
Good news! You can put almost any kind of window treatment in your beautiful bay windows.

Want to know more about measuring for bay windows?

Second Floor Windows
Top-down/bottom-up window treatments are ideal for second story windows — they can preserve your view from the top but still block the bottom half of the window and give you privacy.

Sliding Doors
While vertical blinds are losing popularity overall, they are still the best choice for sliding doors. Another popular option is a sheer vertical blind, which gives the look of cellular shades for a large sliding door.

However, vertical blinds can sometimes make for an inconsistent look with the rest of your room's window coverings. Be sure that you'll be happy with different types of window treatments in the same space. If you decide to go with horizontal blinds, you could also put multiple horizontal blinds on one long headrail.

Harsh Sunlight
One of the best tools against harsh sunlight is a solar shade, which protects your furniture and interiors from harmful UV rays, and also helps with your electricity bills. Honeycomb shades are also great insulators — the more cells they have and the larger they are, the better they will insulate your home.

Extremely Large Windows
Large windows can present a variety of problems for your window treatments. For one, hanging extremely large shades can be heavy, depending on the type of material you order. In addition, raising and lowering wide shades can be problematic for the elderly and for children. Continuous cord loops or motorized controls are idea when running into this issue.

The best solution for large windows is to put multiple blinds on one headrail. With one valance, this makes several blinds next to each other look like one single product.

Windows that Are Hard to Reach
Motorized shades are the best option for a hard to reach window. You can control your windows with a remote control — one touch of a button, and raise them all at once!

Street-Facing Windows
One thing homeowners don't often think about when ordering window treatments is how they look from the street. If you choose different treatments for different rooms, they won't have a uniform appearance when standing outside of the house.

One solution would be honeycomb shades. Many of these shades have white backings and colored interior-facing fabric, letting you color-coordinate while still maintaining a nice appearance from the street. In addition, some aluminum mini blinds can be customized with two different colors to be white on the back.

While any high quality product should be resistant to humidity and moisture, the best option for high-humidity windows found in bathrooms and kitchens are faux wood blinds. Their durable, warp resistant synthetic material looks just like wood, but can stand up to high heat and wet conditions even better.

Bright Outdoor Light
Trying to block light from the outside? Whether it's sunlight putting a glare on your TV or a bright street light coming in through a bedroom window, there are several window treatment options to block maximum light in your home.

Wood blinds with the no-holes routeless option block a decent amount of light, as there are no holes for light to enter through down the length of the blind. Another great choice to block light would be any type of blackout shade, which can stop up to 99% of all natural light from coming into your window. Remember, to block the most light it is better to hang your window coverings with an outside mount.

Wear and Tear Areas
If you have a particularly high traffic area of your home, where your window coverings will get a great deal of use, it's best to go with a durable, long-lasting product. 8-gauge aluminum mini blinds are particularly durable, and can withstand kids, pets and a lifetime of use. In addition, faux wood blinds are extremely resistant to damage — and happen to be easy to clean as well!