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First Time Buying Wallpaper? Let us show you how.
If you've seen something you like at your local decorating store or home center write down the book name, pattern number and page number, plus the description of the wallpaper. Occasionally, the pattern number might not be available at the retail store, but we can still give you pricing and place an order if you have the book name and page number. Visit us online or call us toll free 800-575-8016 for your Guaranteed Lowest Price.

Unsure of Your Measurement? Here's measuring made easy.
You can't go wrong following our easy measuring instructions or by using our wallpaper calculator. You can always call us at 800-575-8016 where we will be happy to assist you in determining the exact quantity of wallpaper you need.

Never Used Our Site Before? It's easy!
You'll never have to search from wallpaper store to wallpaper store looking through hundreds of books and thousands of patterns again. Now they're all available online for you to view. We'll show you over 200,000 wallpaper patterns with easy-to-use instant searches. Search for butterflies, tulips, kittens and the colors green and yellow, and get instant gratification as the patterns appear right before your eyes. We carry all the best brand names and every pattern is on our website at the guaranteed lowest prices, period!

Starting your Search for Wallpaper:

To search by book name

  • Type the name into the field under "Search by book name. If you are not sure of the book name, you can type in just the first few letters and browse our alphabetical list.
  • Click the blue "Search" button
  • Click on the cover to view patterns.

To search by keyword

  • Indicate what type of product you are looking for. Popular categories include "wallpaper", "borders" "murals". Clicking on one of these options will assist in narrowing down possible options.
  • The keyword search allows you to search by multiple keywords connected by "and" or "or" Please use only one or the other in any one search. For example, your child may like dogs and cats, but he doesn't care which one. If you search for "dogs or cats" you will be able to view all wallpaper patterns that have either a dog or a cat in them, but not necessarily both. If you search for "dogs and cats" you would only be shown patterns that include both dogs and cats.
  • Click the "Search" button.
  • If nothing matches your requested search, you will be told "There are no active products within the search criteria you selected. Try clearing your search criteria." If your search included "and", you might want to try an "or" instead. If your "and" statement has three or more keywords in it, you might want to remove some of them. If you're having trouble finding any keywords that return results, you might want to try a Search by Color or Search by Design instead.

To search by room, material, design or color

  • Click the appropiate link to narrow results.
  • You can also check "Fabric", "Border", " Wallpaper", "Accessory" or "Mural" by clicking on the appropriate checkbox.
  • Checking off additional boxes will refine your search to include less options.

If you know the pattern number

  • Checking off additional boxes will refine your search to include less options.
  • If no results are found, check that there are no leading or trailing spaces in the pattern number and try again.


To search by style, designer, or manufacturer

  • Select one of the options in the drop-down menu under the caption "Search by style, designer, or manufacturer"
  • Click the green "Search" button.
  • You will be presented with a list of books that fall into the selected category. Click on the name of the book that you wish to browse to display the book cover.
  • Click on the cover image to view patterns.

Product Detail
This page displays a larger image of a specific pattern. To view an even more detailed image, simply click the picture. This page also gives information such as the repeat size and border height (when applicable) and other pertinent information.

To receive a price for your selected pattern, enter the number of rolls you wish to purchase in the appropriate box and click "Add To Cart."

Please be aware while our wallpaper is priced by single rolls, they are sold as double rolls (sometimes triple rolls). Because of this, you must enter a number of rolls when getting a price. Border is sold in single bolts and fabric is sold by the full linear yard. For more information, check out how to measure for wallpaper.

You will now get the message, "Added Product to Cart." If you're ready to process your order, click "Go to Checkout". If you wish to add additional items to your shopping cart, simply click "Continue Shopping."

Grass Wallpaper Advice
Grass wallpaper is made from natural materials found in nature. Because this is a natural product, the colors on each roll can vary substantially between dye lots. If you choose to buy grass wallpaper, make sure to buy all you think you would need at one time. Orders placed at separate times cannot be guaranteed to match.