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Pattern Number: YS9126
Type: Wallpaper
Pattern Name: Alphabet And Animal Wallpaper
Pattern Number: YS9126
Book Name: Peek-A-Boo
Page Number: 18
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    Repeat Length:
    20.5 Inches
    Material: Vinyl Coated
    Dimension: 20.5 Inches by 198 Inches
    Lovely letters in playful fonts scatter scross this sidewall, some in upper case, and some in lower case, but in all cases filled with lively designs and colors! Cute owls rest under the "O" while a giraffe sits to the left of the "G", and "V" os for violin while "Y" is definitely all about the yoyo! Lively colors add impact with their splash of bright tints. made in the USA.
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    Peek-A-Boo Wallpaper
    Pattern #: YS9126
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    Shelf Book ID: 022236
    Vendor Name: York Wallcovering
    Production Time: 1 days.
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