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Pattern Number: YS9159BD
Type: Border
Pattern Name: Clothesline Of Patterned Hearts Border
Pattern Number: YS9159BD
Book Name: Peek-A-Boo
Page Number: 34
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    Material: Vinyl Coated
    Border Height: 6 Inches
    Tiny, medium and large hearts are daintly bow-tied onto a clothesline by slender ribbons. Each pretty valentine shaped heart is decorated with a mixture of gingham, dots, curlicues or daisy petals, each in its own unique color. Set atop a background of soft faux finish sponge effect color with tiny scattered polka dots. This clever design spans the ages from infant to tween with a few simple accessory changes. Made in the USA.
    If pattern repeat or border height is not shown, please call or email.
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    Peek-A-Boo Border
    Pattern #: YS9159BD
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    Vendor Name: York Wallcovering
    Production Time: 1 days.
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