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Pattern Number: LD7654
Type: Wallpaper
Pattern Name: Twinkle
Pattern Number: LD7654
Book Name: Jewel Box
Page Number: 2
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    Repeat Length:
    25.25 Inches
    Material: Non Woven
    Dimension: 27 Inches by 162 Inches
    Delicate starbursts of fine lines splash outward from a tiny center, each one all but touching the next. This tightly packed small scale design is never-the-less large on visual impact due to its sophisticated glitter inks and softly pearled finely textured background. Sparkling like jewels in a jewel box the color ways are sterling silver on crystal white, glittering silver on softest taupe, pearled ivory on deep cream, gold glitter on soft linen, jeweled amethyst with silver glitter. Precious stones. Radiant jewelry. Fine, luxurious collectibles. Exquisite objects. Rare beauty. Admired. Treasured. Revered. Jewel Box. Made in the USA
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    Jewel Box Wallpaper
    Pattern #: LD7654
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