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Pattern Number: SN244
Type: Wallpaper
Pattern Name: Cork
Pattern Number: SN244
Book Name: Second Nature
Page Number: 1
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    Material: Non Woven
    Dimension: 36 Inches by 288 Inches
    Before hanging examine each roll to be sure that the color is correct.

    No refunds will be made for material after it has been cut, regardless of color variations.

    Heavy holding may show markings after being installed. Natural fibers can change color after being on the wall for any length of time and are sensitive to dirt and water.

    Due to the possibility of difference in dye lots, we recommend that all required wallcoverings be in your possession before any work is started.
    If pattern repeat or border height is not shown, please call or email.
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    Second Nature Wallpaper
    Pattern #: SN244
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    Production Time: 1 days.
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