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Do you have a website and think your visitors would be interested in custom window coverings? Sign up with Impact Radius to join the American Blinds Affiliate Program today! It’s FREE to join, and we’ll pay commissions for every sale you refer on our site.

About the American Blinds Affiliate Program

American Blinds has provided the best products in window décor to millions of happy customers over the last 60+ years. That could add up to big commissions when you join us!

The American Blinds Affiliate Program is powered by Impact Radius, the company that pioneered online affiliate marketing and runs the largest, most successful pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network on the web. They provide the tools and services that make it easy for you to track and earn commissions.

How Much Can You Earn?

You can earn up to 7%, and because our average order earns high revenue, your commissions can add up quickly. We provide 10 return days (we will pay you for sales from a referred customer up to 10 days after you first link them to our site).

It’s Free, So Get Started Now!

To join our program, register at and get your username and password. This ensures that your account information remains private and secure. If you are already registered with Impact Radius, find our affiliate program listed under the "Home & Living" category.

To Continued Growth,

The American Blinds Affiliate Team