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Child Safety Matters At American Blinds

Improving Safety Without Sacrificing Style

Navigating the Window Treatment Industry's Changes 

At American Blinds, we prioritize safety as a fundamental aspect of all our products. Each product undergoes rigorous design and testing processes to meet the highest safety standards.

In response to new safety regulations, we are transitioning away from window treatments featuring free-hanging cords. For comprehensive details on these federal regulations, which will take effect on June 1, 2024, we encourage you to visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's webpage on window coverings or the Window Covering Safety Council's website.

Our cordless window treatments are not only highly favored by customers at American Blinds, but they also exemplify our dedication to merging style with practicality. These products offer a clean, contemporary appearance, are simple to operate, and are available in a diverse assortment of designs to fit any interior style. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at 800-575-8016 or click here to chat with an associate.

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