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  • American Blinds: Legacy Outdoor Solar Shades
    American Blinds
    Enjoy the outdoors on sunny days with a solar shade. Protect your home and outdoor seating areas from heat and glare.
    167.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • American Blinds: Basic Outdoor Solar Shades
    American Blinds
    Achieve the ideal balance of reducing glare and maintaining a cool sunroom or patio. Opt for 1% opacity to block the maximum light or choose 14% for optimal brightness.
    170.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • Oasis by Insolroll: Patio Sun Shades
    Oasis by Insolroll
    Premium outdoor shades available up to 12 feet wide with motorization options and exclusive cable guide system. ..
    1311.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off

Outdoor Shades

View our Outdoor Shades Buying Guide

If you have a patio, balcony, porch, or other exterior space, outdoor shades can be a huge help. Also called patio blinds or outdoor roller shades, these shades are a panel that winds around a header. They're made from materials that block UV rays, so they help protect you from the sun. Depending on the type of patio shade you get, you can also block light or add privacy to your patio.

Outdoor shades help you create a perfect, restful retreat outside your home. When you want to turn your deck into a cozy spot to enjoy nature, these blinds are the perfect addition. They help you fine-tune your light, temperature, and privacy levels without blocking the view. You can install them on windows, in between porch columns, or on top of a balcony.

Advantages of Outdoor Shades

Why should you add shades to the outside of your house? These window treatments come with some great benefits.

  • UV shielding: Patio shades let you enjoy the outdoors without risking sun damage.
  • Better privacy: Though you can still enjoy your view, these shades do make it harder for nosy people to look inside your porch or patio.
  • Furniture protection: Keeping the bright sun off your patio helps keep your furniture safe. You're less likely to deal with discoloration, warping, or cracking.
  • Reduced glare: If you use a television, tablet, or smartphone outside, these blinds make it easier to see your screen.
  • More comfortable temperatures: In the summer, these blinds can give you a little shade to cool down in. They can also help block chilly breezes.

Awesome Upgrades for Your Outdoor Shades

Basic patio shades are already great, but there are also plenty of upgrade options. Try these extra features to make your shades even more luxurious.

  • Continuous cord loop: This style of control lets you have a single loop of cord that attaches to the side of your window frame. It can be simpler to use, and the lack of dangling cords is more child-friendly.
  • Cordless: Get rid of any cords and enjoy an unencumbered view. To control these shades, all you do is tug or lift on the bottom of the roller shade.
  • Motorization: Raise and lower the shades with a remote. This upgrade is especially helpful for wider or higher patio blinds. Depending on the style you pick, your motor can run with a plug-in, a rechargeable battery, or a solar-powered battery.
  • Valance: Some shades let you install the roller inside of a matching valance. This helps protect the shade from the elements, and it's a requirement if you want motorized shades.

Things to Know Before Choosing Outdoor Shades

Like any other window treatment style, outdoor shades do come with a few special considerations.

  • Decide whether you're going to mount the shade on the wall or ceiling before you order. This will affect your measurements.
  • If your porch has columns, posts, or railings, you can choose between installing shades over it or in between your architectural features.
  • Explore our shade materials carefully. Some offer perks like extra airflow while others block more light.
  • Most homeowners pick a neutral shade that matches their home exterior. However, we also offer some woven textures and brighter colors that complement patio furniture.

Outdoor Shade Measurements and Installation

To get the best possible results, you'll need to carefully measure your windows before ordering. Check the outdoor shades product description to see how to measure your window and find the right mounting depth. Once you order your shades, you have a few different product installation options. If you're feeling handy, you can install patio blinds yourself. All you have to do is follow the easy instruction guide we provide with your purchase.

If you have any questions about measuring and installing patio shades, remember that our team is here to help. You can call 800-575-8016 to get measuring and ordering advice from the design consultants at American Blinds. In no time at all, you can be enjoying the gorgeous style of patio blinds in your own home.