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  • American Blinds: Classic Woven Wood Shades
    American Blinds
    The American Blinds Classic Woven Wood Shades collection showcases exquisite,. Handcrafted materials in their natural beauty..
    167.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • American Blinds: Trademark Woven Wood Shades
    American Blinds
    This collection features handcrafted natural materials at their finest. Light Filtering and blackout liners available.
    167.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • SouthSeas: Woven Wood Shades
    Beautiful, sophisticated, and stylish woven wood shades. Light-filtering shades, hand-woven from natural materials.
    218.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • American Blinds: Premium Woven Roller Shades
    American Blinds
    Elevate your interior design with the contemporary refinement of modernized and enhanced natural woven shades.. These versatile shades effortlessly complement any style of décor, exuding a sleek and streamlined aesthetic..
    116.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • SouthSeas: Faux Woven Roller Shades
    A beautiful blend of woven wood design with the performance and durability of a roller shade. Printed woven patterns.
    315.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • SouthSeas: Woven Wood Sliding Panels
    Good solution for Patio and Sliding doors. Privacy and blackout light control options..
  • SouthSeas: Woven Wood Drapes
    Ideal for large windows or sliding doors, can be used as a room divider. Made with natural materials.
    386.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • SouthSeas: Woven Wood Bi-Fold Doors
    Ideal for large windows or sliding doors. Natural materials create an inviting space.
    436.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off

Bamboo Shades

View our Bamboo Shades Buying Guide

Bamboo shades go by many names, including woven wood blinds and matchstick shades. This window treatment gets its name because it's made from thin, woven strips of wood, grass, or bamboo. The natural materials have soft color variations that create a beautifully unique look. Thanks to the weaving technique, these blinds provide plenty of filtered light and visual interest. They mostly come in neutral hues of tan, cream, fawn, chocolate, and earth that easily complement various types of décor.

You can find all sorts of ways to decorate your home with beautiful bamboo window treatments. The most classic style is a Roman shade that bunches up into smooth folds when you open the shade. If you want something a little sleeker, you can try roller shades that wind up into a compact roll. There are even woven wood window treatments that mimic the look of drapes. These hang in flat, sliding panels or bunch up in graceful swags. In addition to all these excellent designs, you can also find woven wood valances, cornices, and other window toppers.

The Perks of Bamboo Shades

These beautiful shades are sure to add style and convenience to your home. Here are a few of the reasons people love woven wood blinds.

  • Natural Beauty: The rich hues of wood make it complement all sorts of décor. Woven wood shades look great with everything from traditional style to modern design.
  • One-of-a-Kind Style: The natural variations in bamboo shades mean you get a completely unique product.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Matchstick shades are one of the most sustainable window treatment options because they're made with renewable resources.
  • Light Filtering: When these shades are unlined, they have narrow gaps that let light flow through. This gives you plenty of natural light while still providing privacy and blocking glare.
  • Interesting Designs: This versatile material works well for blinds, shades, curtains, and sliding panels. It's easy to pick the type of natural blinds that suit your home.

Neat Bamboo Blind Upgrades to Consider

Depending on your home's needs, you might want to think about adding one of these helpful features.

  • Liners: For more customizable light control, line your natural shades with a backing. Some people use blackout liners while others prefer a light-filtering liner instead.
  • Continuous Cord Loop: these controls have a circular cord that's secure to the wall or window frame. It's safer for children and makes heavier blinds even easier to lift.
  • Cordless Controls: This hidden lift system lets you raise or lower your blinds by lightly touching the bottom rail. You can upgrade it further with motorization. This lets you use a remote to lift or lower the blinds.
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up: This upgrade lets you raise and lower your matchstick shades from the top or bottom. You can let light through the uncovered top while keeping the lower half covered.

Things to Know Before Getting Bamboo Blinds

To make sure woven wood shades are right for your home, take the time to think about the following:

  • Make sure to check out the decorative add-ons. You can add extra flair with edge banding, decorative valances, or scalloped bottom hems.
  • Neutral bamboo blinds match most colors but pay attention to undertones. Some materials have a warm hue while others are cool-toned.
  • Part of the natural beauty of these shades is that the wood tends to shift in color over time. You may want to go a shade lighter if you plan on keeping the shades for a while.

How to Measure and Install Bamboo Shades

To get the best possible results, you'll need to carefully measure your windows before ordering. Check the bamboo shades product description to see how to measure your window and find the right mounting depth. Once you order your bamboo blinds, you have a few different product installation options. If you're feeling handy, you can install woven wood shades yourself. All you have to do is follow the easy instruction guide we provide with your purchase.

If you have any questions about measuring and installing matchstick shades, remember that our team is here to help. You can call 800-575-8016 to get measuring and ordering advice from the design consultants at American Blinds. In no time at all, you can be enjoying the gorgeous style of natural bamboo shades in your own home.