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  • American Blinds: Classic Solar Shades
    American Blinds
    Chic and modern fabrics and weaves preserve your outdoor view, guard against UV rays, and offer the latest in roller shade technology and lift systems. Dual shade available.
    79.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • Levolor: Solar Roller Shades
    Solar shade blocks UV rays while preserving your view out. Decorative hem, trim, and valance upgrades available.
    114.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • American Blinds: Advantage Solar Roller Shades
    American Blinds
    Keep your view, reduce glare, and add a modern touch. Several opacities and colors to choose from to match any space.
    60.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • Bali: Solar Shades
    Dozens of fabrics to choose from. Maintain your view with opacity levels from 3-14%.
    124.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • Eve MotionBlinds: Motorized Solar Roller Shades
    Eve MotionBlinds
    These motorized shades are perfect for smart homes. Cover your windows with chic, modern style and protect your home from harmful UV rays.
  • American Blinds: Trademark Solar Shades
    American Blinds
    American Blinds Trademark Solar Roller shades will filter sunlight while reducing glare and UV Rays. With several opacities, colors, and designs to choose from, this shade offers a modern and trendy aesthetic.
    94.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off

Solar Shades

View our Solar Shades Buying Guide

Solar shades are a unique type of window treatment. Unlike many other window treatment styles, this shade specifically focuses on blocking UV rays. Solar shade material uses a special design to keep UV rays from entering your home. They still allow you to enjoy your view, but they reduce glare and brightness. The end result is a chic, modern shade that protects you and your home from harmful UV light.

Solar window treatments come in various opacity levels. These levels address the amount of UV light that the shade lets into your room. For example, a 1% opacity shade lets 1% of all UV light into a room. Lower opacity levels may make your view fuzzier, but they keep more UV rays out of your home. 5% opacity tends to provide the best of both worlds. It keeps out UV light while still letting you see outside. Depending on your needs, you might want shades with anywhere from 1% to 18% opacity.

Solar Shade Benefits

Selecting a solar shade for your home lets you access a variety of excellent benefits.

  • Glare Prevention: Many people like to use these shades in living rooms and offices because they cut down on glare. You still get diffuse light, but not strong rays that make it hard to see your screens.
  • Light Control: You can still easily see through the weave of a solar shade. However, it does make the room dimmer. These shades can be a nice option for nurseries or other rooms where you want dim, filtered light.
  • Furniture Protection: Strong UV rays can make plastic crack, fabric fade, and wood warp. If you don't want this to happen, it's a good idea to install solar shades.
  • Open Appearance: A solar shade gives you a lot of protection without making the room seem closed-in. They let you easily see the outdoors, so your room feels larger and more open.
  • Cooler Temperatures: Many people in hot climates select these shades because they help keep interior temperatures cooler. Since the solar shade blocks UV rays, it keeps the sun from heating up your house.

Ways to Upgrade Your Solar Shades

To get the best solar shade style for your needs, consider adding these upgrades.

  • Continuous Cord Loop: This control style consists of a loop of cord that you mount on the wall. It gets rid of dangling cords, and it makes larger windows easier to operate.
  • Cordless Lift: Get rid of cords altogether with this upgrade. Instead of cords, you adjust these shades by gently tugging on the bottom rail. It's safer for pets and looks a little more streamlined.
  • Motorization: This upgrade lets you use a remote to raise or lower your shades. It's helpful for hard-to-reach shades, and it's nice when you want to adjust shades without walking around the house.
  • Matching Valance: A valance covers the roll of fabric at the top of the shade. It gives your windows a touch of class and hides any hardware.
  • Reverse Roll: This reverses the direction the fabric wraps around the roller. Instead of hanging toward the glass, it hangs toward the room. This can create a cleaner look, but keep in mind it may cause a small gap at the top.

Things to Consider Before Getting Solar Shades

Solar shades have some unique features not found in other shades. To get the best results, there are a few things you'll need to know about.

  • If you try an inside mount on a shallow window, there may be slight gaps due to incorrect mounting. For the best UV protection, check measurement requirements carefully, and consider an outside mount.
  • When selecting a fabric with a pattern in the weave, keep in mind that you can choose its orientation. Having the fabric run horizontally instead of vertically can greatly impact the look.
  • Since part of the advantage of these shades is that they display your view, they typically are not privacy shades. You'll need to add a blackout fabric if you want better privacy.

Solar Shade Measurements and Installation

To get the best possible results, you'll need to carefully measure your windows before ordering. Check the solar shades product description to see how to measure your window and find the right mounting depth. Once you order your shades, you have a few different product installation options. If you're feeling handy, you can install a solar shade yourself. All you have to do is follow the easy instruction guide we provide with your purchase.

If you have any questions about measuring and installing a solar shade, remember that our team is here to help. You can call 800-575-8016 to get measuring and ordering advice from the design consultants at American Blinds. In no time at all, you can be enjoying the gorgeous style of these shades in your own home.