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  • Acadia Living: Composite Plus Shutters
    Acadia Living
    Easy to clean and moisture absorption resistant. Multiple decorative frames available.
    227.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • SimpleSmart: Woodcore Shutters
    A classic look with durable, modern construction. ThermoCore design insulates your windows.
    273.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off
  • Levolor: French Door Shutters
    Durability that won’t rust, warp, crack or fade. Water Resistant.
    785.99 SAVE 40%
    +Extra 5% off

Faux Wood Shutters

View our Faux Wood Shutters Buying Guide

Interior shutters are an elegant, traditional style that adds plenty of class to any home. These shutters are a popular choice for both windows and French doors. They mount directly over your window, so they're a permanent home upgrade. Faux wood shutters make it easy to get exactly the amount of light and privacy you want. You can close the shutter panels to block light or angle them to let in filtered light. Some designs even allow you to swing the whole shutter open so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted view.

If you love the look of wood shutters but want something more affordable, faux wood is a great choice. These shutters use a composite wood that is incredibly durable. It contains an advanced UV inhibitor that prevents yellowing and fading due to sun exposure. Composite wood also resists warping, scratching, and denting. Faux wood shutters come in many beautiful colors including white, ivory, cream, gray, and brown.

The Advantages of Faux Wood Shutters

There are plenty of reasons to choose faux wood interior shutters when you're choosing new window treatments.

  • Affordable: Composite wood is very budget-friendly. It's a great way to get a luxurious look without breaking the bank.
  • Moisture-resistant: Faux wood does better than real wood in humid environments. It's less likely to warp if it gets wet.
  • Increased house value: Since interior shutters are one of the most desirable window treatments, they can boost your home's value.
  • Insulating: Composite wood shutters do a great job of insulating your home. They can reduce outside noise and keep indoor temperatures more comfortable.
  • Stylish: Interior shutters provide classic, timeless style. They complement all décor types and highlight your beautiful views.

How to Upgrade Faux Wood Shutters

One of the great things about composite wood shutters is their customizability. Depending on the model you select, you can add one or more of these features.

  • Motorization: Control your shutters with a remote or a voice command. This upgrade uses a motor to open and close shutters or angle their panels.
  • Decorative Frame: Decorative trim wraps around the shutter to make it blend in with your window a little more smoothly.
  • Divider Rails: A divider rail is a horizontal band across the middle of the window. It lets you tilt the top and bottom shutter slats independently of each other.
  • Geared Tilt: This operating system removes the bar that traditionally angles the shutters. Instead, it uses hidden gears to create a more streamlined look.
  • Valance: Add a matching valance to the top of your window to decorate them a little more.

Faux Wood Shutter Considerations

To get the best results, make sure you're fully informed before getting composite wood shutters.

  • Measure your windows carefully before choosing your mounting style. Inside mount isn't available for windows that are more than a half-inch out of square.
  • Choose your louver size carefully. Smaller slats look more traditional while larger slats make it easier to see the view.
  • Faux wooden shutters are comparatively easy to assemble due to preinstalled hinges, pre-mitered frames, and other perks. However, shutters are still naturally heavier than blinds and shades, so we recommend professional installation when possible.

Measure and Install Faux Wood Shutters

To get the best possible results, you'll need to carefully measure your windows before ordering. Check the faux wooden shutters product description to see how to measure your window and find the right mounting depth. Once you order your shutters, you have a few different product installation options. If you're feeling handy, you can install the interior shutters yourself. All you have to do is follow the easy instruction guide we provide with your purchase.

If you have any questions about measuring and installing faux wood shutters, remember that our team is here to help. You can call 800-575-8016 to get measuring and ordering advice from the design consultants at American Blinds. In no time at all, you can be enjoying the gorgeous style of faux wood shutters in your own home.