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FAQs - Using the American Blinds Website

How can I contact American Blinds?

Give us a call at 800-575-8016, or you can speak with one of our associates via Live Chat.

Which brands do you carry?

American Blinds is proud to offer our exclusive Bella View brand consisting of high-quality blinds, shades, shutters and draperies at great prices. Our Bella View lines include:

Advantage – the most affordably priced window coverings we offer Trademark – style and durability at a great price; a fantastic value Legacy – beautiful window treatments with added performance features and upgrade options Prestige – our highest-quality blinds, offering the most features and made from premium materials

American Blinds also carries a wide range of window treatments from some of the top names in the industry, including Bali, Levolor, Norman and Coolaroo.

I see “Compare at” prices. What are you comparing your prices to?

The “Compare at” prices listed on our homepage show our estimate of the average price to purchase the same or similar window treatments through a full service in-home designer, upscale catalog or showroom. At American Blinds, we’re here to help you do it yourself and save. Check out our current sales for additional savings!

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards, as well as PayPal and PayPal Credit. You also may complete your purchase with a check or money order. You can find our offline payment options during checkout, or you can visit our Policies page for more information.

Is my private information secure?

Yes! Our checkout process is safe and secure. Your information, including credit card number, is processed through our secure server. We use industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology that encrypts your data, so it cannot be read as the information is transmitted to us. However, if you prefer not to submit your information online, you may contact us to place your order with one of our Customer Service representatives.

How do I make a purchase with tax exempt status?

If you want tax exempt status with American Blinds, you must register with us before placing your order. Please follow these instructions to begin the process.

How do I make a commercial or contract purchase?

American Blinds is happy to offer solutions for your commercial or contract needs. Visit our Commercial & Contract center to find out more, or call 800-575-8016 to speak with one of our associates about your project.

Shopping, Ordering and Swatches

Will the product look different in my home than it looks online?

We do our best to make sure the colors shown on our site are accurate. However, the actual colors may vary due to subtle differences and textures that may not be rendered precisely on some monitors and/or display cards.

The best way to be sure of a product’s true color and texture is to request free swatches of the items you are considering. Then you can see the swatches of your potential window treatment in your actual windows with your home’s unique lighting conditions, and color-coordinate with your other furnishings. The swatches and shipping are free, and will help you feel confident about your decision, so we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this service.

Be aware that any swatch may have minimal color variations as stated by the manufacturer. We recommend that you order all of your blinds of a given color at one time so they are part of the same lot because there can be slight variations between different dye lots.

How do I measure my windows for blinds, shades, shutters or drapes?

Please refer to this page for complete instructions on how to measure for various window treatments.

What if I measure incorrectly?

Unsure about measuring? No worries! When you carefully follow our step-by-step How to Measure Guide or have your windows professionally measured, we are confident your blinds will fit. For added confidence, we offer FREE assistance from one of our expert design consultants, who will provide extra help if you are concerned. Simply call 800-575-8016 or use our live chat and someone will walk you through the process.

If you do happen to make a mistake in measuring, please contact us within 30 calendar days so that we can help you get the perfect fit at a discounted price. If a replacement is necessary, a shipping fee might be required depending on the size of the  window covering or the shipping location.

What if I get stuck while customizing my product?

If you have questions about customizing your order, please call our Customer Service department at 800-575-8016 or use our live chat to consult with a designer.

Do you supply installation materials (screws, fasteners, etc.)?

Yes, installation materials are included. However, there are many types of mounting surfaces, such as concrete, wood, drywall, plaster, steel, etc. It’s not feasible for manufacturers to include screws/fasteners for every possible mounting surface, but the installation materials included are suitable for the majority of our customers’ needs.

Are installation instructions included?

Yes, the installation instructions are included in the box with each product. If you cannot find the instructions in the box, you can find them on the individual product’s page on our website. You also may call our Customer Service department at 800-575-8016.

Are there any shipping charges?

Depending on the size of the window covering or the shipping location, a shipping fee could be required. Please review our order policies page for more detailed information about shipping.

Can you ship to Hawaii/Alaska?

Yes, with the following disclaimers:

  • To ship to Hawaii and Alaska, we charge a fee of $30 by item on all oversized orders (96” and above). We'll contact you by phone and email to collect this fee after purchase. Should you not pay the required fee within 24 hours of email contact, your order will be cancelled. Be aware, we cannot ship shutters to Hawaii or Alaska.

Can I order from American Blinds if I live in Canada?

American Blinds does not currently serve Canada.

After You Order

How do I install my blinds, shades, shutters or drapes?

Step-by-step installation instructions for each product are included in the box. If you are unable to locate the instructions in the box, you can find them on the individual product’s page on our website, or you can view our How to Install guides for different categories of window treatments. You also may call our Customer Service department for assistance at 800-575-8016.

How quickly can I expect to receive my new blinds?

We do our best to make sure you get your order as fast as possible. However, because our products are all custom made, there is a manufacturing time associated with every order. After the manufacturer completes it, the shipping time varies based on where the manufacturer is located. If they are located outside the country, your shipment could take a few weeks to reach your front door.

When you order, be sure to look at the manufacturing and shipping time shown in your shopping cart. You also can choose the express option to speed your order through the manufacturing process, but you will not be able to make any changes to your order once it is submitted. View our order policies page for more information about changing/cancelling orders.

Where can I check the status of my order?

Use our Order Tracking page! You also can call Customer Service to learn more about the status of your order. Be sure to have your order number on hand when you call. Once your order has shipped, we will send you the tracking information.

What if I receive the wrong product / the product is defective / the product breaks?

If you experience any problems when you receive your order, you may call our Customer Service department for assistance at 800-575-8016. For shipping and manufacturer defects, you have 14 calendar days from the date of delivery to your home to report the issue. If your product breaks you are covered by our 3-year warranty. Please visit our Policies page for more information.

Can I change or cancel an order I’ve already completed?

All of our products are made to order, and production normally begins the day after an order is placed. Therefore, we are happy to change or cancel orders as long as you contact us within one (1) calendar day from the date the order was submitted to us. Please call our Customer Service department at 800-575-8016 for assistance. Orders that are changed or canceled after one calendar day may incur additional charges.

Product Details and Terminology

What are inside mount and outside mount?

The mount refers to the way you will hang your window treatment, either inside or outside the window opening.

Inside mounts are mounted inside the window opening that is recessed from the wall. An inside mount provides a clean look and is probably the most common way to hang blinds today.

The minimum window sill depth for an inside mount varies depending on the product. The depth required for each product is listed under its specifications.

Outside mounts hang outside the window opening and are mounted either on the wood frame or above and beyond the wood frame. Outside mounts are great for doors, for windows with obstructions (such as security-system hardware), or for windows with a very shallow windowsill depth that would make an inside mount impossible. An outside mount can also be used to make a window appear larger, or to hide an unattractive window.

A blind or shade referred to as side mount fits within your window frame and is mounted on the left and right sides. A side mount option may be required for special situations. Select products come with a side mount option if an inside or outside mount is not an option. Products for which this is available will let you choose between inside, outside or side mount when building your blinds or shades.

How do I know what the product will look like with light shining through?

Light that filters through from behind translucent fabrics, known as “backlighting,” can soften the appearance of a fabric’s color and highlight its texture. The swatches on our website do not show the effect of backlighting. If you want to see how backlighting in your home will affect the color or texture of a given fabric, you should request free swatches from us so you can see it firsthand.

How will I know if the product provides privacy at night?

Most of our products will provide privacy at night. Solar screen shades, or any product referred to as “transparent”, will not provide privacy. Shadows may be visible from the outside on light-filtering materials. We recommend ordering swatches to make your evaluation prior to ordering the product.

What is openness factor (in reference to solar shades)?

A solar shade’s openness factor is a measure of how much light it lets in. Solar shades are designed to reduce harsh glare and UV rays while still allowing you to see through them. The openness factor is expressed as a percentage, which indicates the amount of light being let in. A higher percentage will mean you preserve more of your view during the day, but let in more glare and UV rays, and have less privacy at night. The most popular openness factor is 5%. We recommend ordering swatches before placing your order so you can decide how much openness you’d like for your shades.

What is opacity?

Opacity refers to the amount of light a fabric will let through. Materials that are opaque, and block all light, are referred to as “blackout.” Please note that some products made with blackout materials will still let in light around the edges. Room-darkening products will block most of the light, but are not completely opaque. Light-filtering products will glow during the day and allow some light to come into the room while still providing privacy. Transparent and solar products will preserve your view to some degree, but will not provide privacy. Opacity can be added to some products with the addition of a blackout liner.

What is the routeless feature and what are its benefits?

Routeless slats do not have holes drilled in them to let cords pass through. Routeless blinds have small notches on the back of each slat which enables the control system to function without the use of slat holes. This provides increased privacy and reduces light leakage.

What is cloth tape and what are its benefits?

Cloth tapes are a decorative upgrade offered on select blinds. They run the length of the cords that hold the slats in place, covering the cords, increasing privacy and blocking light that leaks through the route holes. The tapes come in a variety of colors, patterns and widths depending on the type of blind; to see which cloth tape options are available for a particular blind, check the product page.

What is top-down/bottom-up and what are its benefits?

The top-down/bottom-up feature provides versatile light control and privacy. It allows you to raise your shade from the bottom as well as from the top. You can lower the top of the shade to let light in while maintaining privacy below, or simply raise the bottom as with a traditional shade.

What is cordless lift control and what are its benefits?

This popular option has a hidden control system that eliminates the lift cord and allows you to raise or lower the shade easily with the touch of a finger. This removes the possibility of tangled lift cords. Many cordless products are considered safer for homes with children and pets. Look for the “Safer for Kids” label when choosing options, and visit our Child Safety page for more information.

What is the continuous cord loop lift option and what are its benefits?

The continuous cord loop option is popular for wide or heavy shades. It allows you to open them easily and eliminates dangling cords for a neater appearance.

What are the differences between light filtering, room darkening and blackout?

Light-filtering shades allow sunlight to diffuse gently through the fabric to illuminate the room without harsh glare. Room-darkening shades let in less light than light-filtering shades, which keeps rooms darker during the day. Blackout shades are designed to block all light from entering the window. All three options block damaging UV rays and help protect your furnishings.