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Wood Blinds Buying Guide

For homeowners who want luxurious style, real wood window blinds are a fantastic option. These blinds provide you with privacy and light control while also enhancing your home's visual appeal. All the subtle variation of texture and color results in an attractive and elegant window treatment. American Blinds offers a variety of paint and stain colors, so it's easy to get the perfect shade for your home. To pick out your dream window treatment, explore the American Blinds collection now.

Wood Blinds Features

Wooden blinds are a timeless window treatment that always looks gorgeous. These blinds provide plenty of ways to enjoy the organic beauty of wood. Many homeowners prefer blinds stained to look like oak, maple, walnut, or other lovely woods. You also have the option of picking paint that adds a white, gray, cream, or black hue to the blinds. The right finish easily complements the style of the home. Whether you like farmhouse chic, mid-century modern, or any other decor style, these classic blinds are a tasteful backdrop. Whatever style, wooden blinds for windows make it easy to create a comfortable, inviting home. When you close your blinds all the way, you can darken rooms and block the sun. If you prefer filtered light with a little privacy, blinds let you angle the slats to slightly open them. You also have the option of raising your blinds entirely to show off your view or brighten the room. You can further adjust light levels with the type of blind you pick. Narrow slats keep your room nice and dim while wider slats let more sun shine through.

Wood Blinds Upgrades

Wooden blinds are a high-end window treatment, so they have plenty of upgrade options. These add-ons allow you to enhance your wooden window blinds' functionality and style.


  • Hidden route holes: Standard wood blinds have small route holes to hold the lift cords. If you prefer a sleeker look with more light blockage, upgrade to routeless blinds.
  • Cordless lift: A cordless lift lets you adjust the blind height by gently pushing or pulling on the bottom rail of the blind. These wood blinds are safer for children, and many homeowners appreciate the more streamlined look.
  • Decorative accents: There are plenty of ways to add visual flair to wooden window blinds. Some styles let you swap out wood cord pulls for elegant metal ones or add decorative keystones to the valance. Another great option is a cloth tape that covers the lift cords and brings more color to the window treatment.
  • Split headrail: A 2-on-1 headrail lets you hang two separate blind panels from a single headrail. This helpful upgrade lets you independently adjust each side of your window blinds. 
  • Rounded corners: This upgrade adds an extra touch of luxury to these blinds. Each slat has a gently rounded corner that makes the blinds look even more elegant.

Wood Blinds Considerations

Since they're made from an all-natural material, wooden blinds are a somewhat unique window treatment. To see if wood blinds are right for your home, there are a few things you need to know.


  • Wood is fairly dense, so large blinds can be heavy. For larger windows, it can be worthwhile to get professional installation and upgrade to motorized controls. These can make it easier to manage the added weight.
  • Pay attention to window size when selecting slats. Petite windows look best with slats of 1 inch while oversized windows look more balanced with slats that are 2.5-inches wide.
  • Wood tends to warp or crack when exposed to high levels of humidity. Therefore, you may want to avoid using wooden blinds for windows in areas like the bathroom.


How much do wood blinds cost?

The cost of your wood blinds will depend on the size. For reference, wood blinds are more expensive than faux wood blinds but less expensive than wood shutters.

Do wood blinds insulate?

Wood Blinds can help insulate your home. The thick wood slats, when closed, can block sunlight and keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Do wood blinds block light?

Yes, wood blinds can block light when the slats are tilted shut. If there are gaps between the blinds and the window frame, some light will still get through.

Are wood blinds heavy?

Wood blinds are actually lighter than faux wood blinds. Wood Blinds are better for large windows.

Are wood blinds in style?

Wood Blinds are one of the most popular window treatment styles. They will always be in style!

Are wood blinds energy efficient?

Wood Blinds can block sunlight and insulate, which can help save money on energy bills.

Can wood blinds be motorized?

Yes, Wood Blinds can be motorized with lift and tilt options.

How to clean wood blinds?

Never use water on wood blinds, it can cause warping. Clean your wood blinds the same way you would clean wood furniture, with a duster or microfiber cloth and furniture spray.