How to Measure for Roman Shades

Tips Before You Get Started

  • Use a steel tape measure for the most accurate measurements
  • If you’re considering an Inside Mount, make sure your window has enough depth to accommodate it
  • Always measure width (left to right) first and height (top to bottom) second
  • Record all measurements to the closest 1/8”, making sure to clearly identify which is your height and which is your width—it is very common to get them mixed up

Determine Inside Mount or Outside Mount

  • Inside mount Roman shades will hang entirely within the window frame
    • We recommend inside mount whenever possible
    • Neat, streamlined look
    • Usually best for energy efficiency
  • Outside mount Roman shades will hang outside your window opening, overlapping the edges
    • We recommend outside mount for out-of-square windows, and for windows with minimal mounting depth or obstructions within the frame
    • Minimizes light gaps, giving you better light control and privacy

Measuring for Inside Mount

Note: Inside mount roman shades will have a small deduction automatically applied by the manufacturer, to ensure proper fit


  • Measure at the depth within the frame where you’ll install your brackets
  • Measure width at the top, center and bottom of your window opening, from edge to edge
  • Record the smallest measurement of the three to the closest â…›”


  • Measure height at the left, center and right, from top edge to bottom edge
  • Record both the shortest and tallest measurements of the three to the closest 1/8”

Measuring for Outside Mount

Note: Outside mount roman shades will have no deductions taken at the factory. They will be made according to your exact measurements.


  • Measure the area you want to cover (how far you want the roman shade to overlap the window opening); we recommend 1 ½” on both sides
  • Record your measurement


  • Determine where you want the top of your roman shade to be and mark the spot
  • Measure the height from the spot you marked to the top of the window sill. If there is no sill, measure below the window opening to your desired length
  • Record your measurement