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We are Committed to You, Our Customers

While all of us; our customers, our families and our loved ones, navigate the day by day changes that sweep the daily news regarding Covid-19, we want to assure you that we are open and adhering to all guidelines and best practices set by the CDC and with our local government.

Our Design Experts and Customer Service associates are prepared, knowledgeable and fully able to work remotely and carry out the same remarkable product guidance and service you've known for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order Samples?

We are now able to fulfill a limited selection of free sample requests and plan to expand this assortment as soon as we can. You can view sample availability on each product page. In order to ensure the safety of our employees, we have reduced the number of people allowed in our warehouse to guarantee appropriate social distancing. This may mean that you may experience slower delivery than normal, and we appreciate your patience.

If you would like help, have questions, or even have pics of your space, our design experts can totally work with that.

Will Product Orders be Delayed?

We are closely communicating with all of our providers and facilities to provide our customers the most up-to-date information on all of our window treatments. You can look at your product's page to get an estimate of current production times (as you normally would).

Our Commitment to Safety

We are in this together and we take the health and safety of our employees and our customers seriously. With that, we will let you know that in following the directive of our local government, we are complying with a Stay Home — Work Safe order as well as with best practices provided by the CDC. To accomplish this, we are working safely and remotely to get you decorating advice, step-by-step measuring and installation instructions and assistance with orders.

How to Measure for Skylight Shades and Blinds

Skylight windows can be hard to reach and difficult to measure. Here's how you can get perfect measurements for your skylights.

Tips Before You Get Started

  • Shop American Blinds for skylight window coverings—choose from cellular or pleated shades
  • Always use a steel tape measure for the most accurate measurements on your skylight windows
  • If you're considering an Inside Mount, make sure your window has enough depth to accommodate it
    • When assessing mounting depth, consider any obstacles that may be in the window opening, such as window cranks or handles, which can prevent you from mounting skylight shades correctly
  • Always measure width (left to right) first and height (top to bottom) second
  • Record all measurements to the closest ⅛", making sure to clearly identify which is your width and which is your height—it is very common to get them mixed up

Determine Inside Mount or Outside Mount

  • Skylight shades that are inside mounted will be cut to hang entirely within the window
    • We recommend inside mount whenever possible
    • Neat, streamlined look
    • Usually best for energy efficiency
  • Skylight shades that are outside mounted will hang outside the window opening, overlapping the edges
    • We recommend outside mount for out-of-square windows, and for windows with minimal mounting depth or obstructions within the frame
    • Minimizes light gaps, giving you better light control and privacy

Measuring for Inside Mount

  • Notes:
    • Specify your exact measurements, making no deductions. The factory will apply the necessary deductions when making your product.
    • All corners of the window must be 90 degrees. If not, you will have to outside mount your skylight shade.
    • If the window is out of square by ¼"" or more, you will have to outside mount your skylight shade. To determine if your window is out of square, take both diagonal measurements, from one corner to its opposite. If the difference between the two is ¼" or more, the window is out of square.
  • First, ensure that your skylight window has enough depth for mounting. Skylight window coverings usually need a minimum depth of 1 ½" to install brackets and mount the product.
  • Width: Measure the top, middle and bottom of the window, from edge to edge inside the window opening. Take the narrowest measurement as your width.
  • Height: Measure the left, center and right portions of the window, from edge to edge inside the window opening. Take the shortest measurement as your height.

Measuring for Outside Mount

  • Note: Order your product in the exact measurements, making no deductions. The factory will make your product at exactly the size you order it.
  • To outside mount skylight shades, you need at least 1" of flat surface on all sides of the window.
  • Width: Measure the width of the opening at any location on the window. Add 2" per side, for a total of 4". Take this measurement as your width.
  • Height: Measure the height of the opening at any location on the window. Add 2" to the top and bottom, for a total of 4". Take this measurement as your height.

Other Notes about Skylights
  • Side tracks must be mounted for both inside mount and outside mount, except in cases where the shade doesn't come with side tracks.
  • Side mount is not available for skylight shades.