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American Blinds Classic Blackout Roller Shades

  • Modern and advanced light blocking fabrics enhance your décor and guard against UV Rays and glare.
  • Quick installation with innovative lift choices and exclusive upgrade options.
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  • Color

    Blackout Colors with White Backing

    • Ladera Snowflake F1108
      $108 99
    • Ladera Candlelight F1110
      $108 99
      No Swatch
    • Ladera Cloud F1111
      $108 99
    • Ladera Stone F1109
      $108 99
      No Swatch
    • Ladera River Rock F1112
      $108 99
      No Swatch
    • Ladera Eclipse F1113
      $108 99
      No Swatch
    • Ladera Carnation F0846
      $108 99
    • Ladera Apricot F0841
      $108 99
    • Ladera Lemongrass F0842
      $108 99
    • Ladera Caribbean F0844
      $108 99
    • Ladera Marina F0845
      $108 99
    • Ladera Larkspur F0848
      $108 99
    • Shawnee Cascade F0828
      $135 99
    • Shawnee Biscuit F0829
      $135 99
    • Shawnee Latte F0827
      $135 99
    • Somerset Flaxen F0830
      $135 99
    • Seville Acorn F0831
      $135 99
    • Seville Carob F0832
      $135 99
    • Seville Shale F0834
      $135 99
    • Verona Flax F0850
      $135 99
    • Verona Onyx F0852
      $135 99
    • Highland Pebble F0823
      $154 99
    • Highland Sandstone F0824
      $154 99
    • Highland Granita F0825
      $154 99
    • Highland Walnut F0826
      $154 99
    • Highland Crystal F0822
      $154 99
    • Monaco Whitecap F1455
      $157 99
    • Monaco Rock Cliff F1457
      $157 99
    • Monaco Cobblestone F1458
      $157 99
    • Monaco Pathway F1461
      $157 99
    • Monaco Deep Sea F1463
      $157 99
    • Waterford Champagne F0853
      $198 99
    • Martinique Beach F1030
      $198 99
    • Martinique Straw F1041
      $198 99
    More Rows of Colors
    Sample orders are limited at this time and should be available for this product soon!
  • Dual Back Shade Color

    Solar colors

    • Alexia 5% Chalk F0365
    • Aurora 5% Flaxen F0388
    • Alexia 5% Linen F0366
    • Alexia 5% Mercury F0367
    • Aurora 5% Flint F0389
    • Alexia 5% Dark Ash F0369
    • Alexia 5% Java F0368
    • Aurora 5% Umber F0391

    Light Filtering Colors

    • Carleen Calla Lily F0752
    • Cascade Cafe F1157
    • Cascade Feather F1120
    • Cascade Sandbar F1123
    • Carleen Beige F0754
    • Cascade Pebble F1121
    • Cascade Haze F1122



Product Details

Product Description

Dramatically reduce harsh sunlight, glare, and UV rays for beautiful and state-of-the-art operation with the American Blinds Classic Blackout Roller Shades. This shade not only provides a great design element in your home but provides maximum privacy in our line of roller shades.

These easy-to-install shades are available in a specially curated array of different fabrics colors and arrive with neutral, color-coordinated hardware for a harmonious match to your home décor and style. For added versatility, choose our dual roller shade option which offers two separate fabrics, one behind the other, that operate independently to alternate between your preferred light and privacy needs.

Ever innovative, you can choose among several modern lift mechanisms. Featuring continuous cord loop , SmartRelease , cordless and motorized , lifts, there are options for every room and need. Our cordless lift option includes a fiberglass pole to operate high or hard to reach windows. The Pro-lift motorized lift system can accommodate 15 channels and an improved cordless lift system eliminates redundant pulling – just raise or lower your shade to the desired position.

For easy setup and ongoing convenience, the new Raceway installation strip comes standard with the SmartRelease lift option and the versatile dual shade. Offered also, is an optional LightBlocker guard that will cover side light gaps for better light coverage. For side by side windows with small gaps, these roller shades can also be coupled. Coupled shades allow two shades to be operated together by one control.

Need a finishing touch? Complete your shade with a fabric or wooden valance to match your home’s specific style. For doors, opt for handy magnetic hold-to match your glass door roller shades with your home for consistent style and convenience.

This product includes a plain hem bar.

Installation Time: 10-15 Minutes

Child Safety: This product can be made safer for windows where children or pets may be present by selecting the cordless or motorized control upgrade. All other lift controls available for this product have cords that may be accessible and are not recommended for windows where children or pets may be present.

Standard Specifications

  • Made In: China


  • Cordless Lift
  • SmartRelease Lift
  • Motorization
  • Coupled Shades
  • Valance options
  • Light Guard

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