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American Blinds Legacy Classic Pleat Drapery

  • These drapes feature a traditional pinch-pleat design and are easily attached to a rod with hooks
  • With so many fabrics, you can find the perfect look for any room
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  • Color


    • Ashton Stripe Linen SW102
    • Ashton Stripe Rice SW203
    • Ashton Stripe Greysmoke SW101
    • Ashton Stripe Navy SW103
    • Aurora Arctica SW107
    • Aurora Moonstruck SW108
    • Braidy Salt SW112
    • Braidy Ash SW110
    • Braidy Husk SW111
    • Dahlia Grain SW210
    • Dahlia Stone SW212
    • Dahlia Ruby SW211
    • Helena Birch SW136
      No Swatch
    • Helena Cove SW137
    • Helena Espresso SW138
    • Jasper Facets SW239
      No Swatch
    • Jasper Summit SW243
    • Jasper Monolith SW241
    • Jasper Icy Blue SW240
    • Jasper Coal SW238
    • Jasper Nile SW242
    • Kyoto Pear Blossom SW246
    • Kyoto Cherry Blossom SW245
    • Kyoto Apple Blossom SW244
    • Lyon Ice SW146
    • Lyon Metallic SW148
    • Lyon Ivory SW147
    • Lyon Bronze SW145
    • Natural Sheer Flax SW269
    • Natural Sheer Jute SW270
    • Natural Sheer Starling SW271
    • Rio Winter White SW156
    • Rio Spire SW283
    • Rio Stone SW155
      No Swatch
    • Rio Primrose SW280
    • Rio Sisal SW282
    • Rio Sherry SW281
    • Rio Atlantic SW154
    • Sandscapes Candlelight SW189
    • Sandscapes Lichen SW191
    • Sandscapes Moonlight SW192
    • Sandscapes Terra SW193
    • Sandscapes Farro SW190
    • Sequoia Cirrus SW289
    • Sequoia Spice SW290
    • Sequoia Zinc SW291
    • Viburnum Cloudy SW175
    • Wilmington Bright White SW176
    • Wilmington White SW181
    • Wilmington Natural SW179
    • Wilmington Flax SW177
    • Wilmington Moonstone SW178
    • Wilmington Nautical SW180
    • Lattice Pewter SW1462
    • Lattice Teal SW1463
    • Lattice Grey MPTE1465
    • Lattice Navy MPTE1464
    • Fawn French Grey SW1468
    • Fawn Nature SW1470
    • Fawn Beige SW1469
    • Fawn Pale Blue SW1467
    • Fawn Peacoat SW1466
    • Kingston Sand MPTE1415
    • Mandalay Barley SW1416
    • Mandalay Iron SW1418
    • Mandalay Ocean SW1417
    • Mandalay Loyal Blue SW1419
    • Flax Fog MPTE1453
    • Flax Natural MPTE1454
    • Rib Knit White MPTE1433
    • Rib Knit Fog MPTE1434
    • Rib Knit Water MPTE1435
    • Rib Knit Navy MPTE1436
    • Rib Knit Black MPTE1437
    • Basket Silver MPTE1455
    • Batiste Fair Blue MPTE1410
    • Batiste Pearl Grey MPTE1409
    • Belize Graphite SW205
    • Belize Chrome SW204
    • Belize Caribbean SW109
    • Brisbane White Sand SW119
    • Brisbane Sand Dollar SW118
    • Brisbane Coastal Beach SW116
    • Brisbane Clear Sky SW115
    • Brisbane Marina SW117
    • Florence Gold Garden SW131
    • Florence Red Flame SW132
    • Irish Linen Snowbird SW236
    • Irish Linen Mist SW233
    • Irish Linen Newcastle SW234
    • Irish Linen Wrought Iron SW237
    • Irish Linen Ocean SW235
    • Lexi White SW144
    • Lexi Moondance SW250
    • Mercado Lagoon SW253
    • Mercado Pedra SW254
    • Mercado Almond SW251
    • Mercado Atlantica SW252
    • Milan Frost SW266
    • Milan Raw Silk SW268
    • Milan Acacia SW263
    • Milan Chestnut SW264
    • Milan Fern SW265
    • Milan Night Sky SW267
    • Pinnacles Ash SW277
    • Pinnacles Biscuit SW278
    • Pinnacles Kona SW279
    • Raw Silk Crepe Nickel SW153
    • Shetland Matte White SW293
    • Shetland Wicker SW297
    • Shetland Savory Spice SW296
    • Shetland Granite SW292
    • Shetland Rockridge SW295
    • Shetland Quarry SW294
    • Tantalum Moonstone SW168
    • Tantalum Antique SW167
    • Tantalum Slate SW170
    • Abstract Sandstone MPTE1443
    • Abstract Blue Vista MPTE1444
    • Tweed Dove SW1400
    • Tweed Cream SW1399
    • Tweed Latte SW1401
    • Tweed Stone SW1402
    • Chevron Stripe Ivory MPTE1445
    • Chevron Stripe Parchment MPTE1446
    • Chevron Stripe Cloud MPTE1447
    • Chevron Stripe Shadow MPTE1448
    • Farmhouse Linen SW1451
    • Farmhouse Frost Grey SW1450
    • Farmhouse Dutch Blue SW1449
    • Farmhouse Denim SW1452
    • Larson Wheat MPTE1412
    • Larson Harbor MPTE1411
    • Larson Lakeshore MPTE1413
    • Taiga Ecru SW1482
    • Taiga Silver SW1483
    • Taiga Toasty Grey SW1484
    • Deco Pearl SW1487
    • Deco Thunder SW1486
    • Deco Smoke SW1485
    • Riviera Powder MPTE1429
    • Riviera Abalone MPTE1430
    • Riviera Navy MPTE1431
    • Riviera Midnight MPTE1432
    • Revel Almond MPTE1476
      No Swatch
    • Revel Frost MPTE1477
    • Porto Ocean SW1414
    • Brant Cream Linen SW113
    • Brant Pewter SW114
    • Flyaway Sapphire SW133
    • Gent Bright White SW183
    • Gent Bisque SW182
    • Gent Vanilla SW188
    • Gent Flax SW185
    • Gent Smoke SW187
    • Gent Dove SW184
    • Gent Greystone SW186
    • Le Jardin Pink/Green SW142
    • Le Jardin Tan/Grey SW143
    • Miami Flint SW259
    • Miami Misty SW261
    • Miami Harbor SW260
    • Miami Regatta SW262
    • Paisley Seagull SW276
    • Paisley Lapis SW275
    • Verona Dove SW173
    • Verona Latte SW174
    • Verona Winter Green SW306
    • Verona Adriatic SW305
    • Biltmore Emerald MPTE1459
    • Foliage Lichen MPTE1471
    • Foliage Honey MPTE1472
    • Warbling Coastal Blue SW1461
    • Warbling Onyx SW1460
    • Lompoc Bloom SW1403
    • Verdant Azul SW1404
    • Verdant Fuchsia SW1405
      No Swatch
    • Fleuries Cerulean SW1420
    • Fleuries Waterscape SW1422
    • Fleuries Dovetail SW1421
    • Winding Porcelain SW1440
    • Menton Glenhaven MPTE1458
    • Menton Oat MPTE1456
    • Menton Tapestry MPTE1457
    • Bountiful Haven SW1473
    • Bountiful Spring SW1475
    • Bountiful Laurel SW1474
    • Belvedere Daisy SW1492
    • Belvedere Ivory SW1493
    • Belvedere Merino SW1494
    • Belvedere Dusty Blue SW1495
    • Amsterdam Bridge SW200
    • Amsterdam Gravel SW202
    • Amsterdam Gondola SW201
    • Colton Heather SW1491
    • Colton Cream SW1488
    • Colton Thunder SW1489
    • Colton Greige SW1490
    • Del Mar Stripe Spa SW215
    • Del Mar Stripe Regal SW213
    • Glittering Sky MPTE1407
    • Glittering Metallic Gold MPTE1406
    • Glittering Regal Navy MPTE1408
    • Madeline Silver SW150
    • Madeline Gold SW149
    • Metropolitan Concrete SW256
    • Metropolitan Ice SW257
    • Sheer White Snow MPTE1441
    • Sheer Winter White MPTE1442
    • Somerset Alabaster SW161
    • Somerset Opaline SW304
    • Sparkle Silver Frost SW1478
    • Sparkle Golden White SW1479
    • Sparkle Silvery Linen SW1480
    • Sparkle Smoky Gold SW1481
    • Turin Buff MPTE1498
    • Turin Bisque MPTE1496
    • Turin Silver Charm MPTE1497
    • Woven Sheer White MPTE1438
    • Woven Sheer Beige MPTE1439
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Product Details

Product Description

American Blinds Easy Classic Pleat Draperies take the soft elegance of fabric, embellish them with a pinch pleat and create a “wow” factor within your room. These drapery panels offer a choice of rich jewel tones, sophisticated brights and soft, soothing neutrals, and are available as refined patterns, bold prints and eye-catching solids.

Easy Classic Pleat Draperies are distinguished by pinch pleats at the top of the panel, which easily attach to either a standard drapery rod with the assistance of hooks or to eyelet rings with the aid of decorative hardware.

Fabric Content

For a full list of materials for this product, click here.

Install Time: 30 - 35 Minutes

We Recommend:

  • Light filtering liners allow light to gently filter through the drapery. Room-darkening liners obstruct 95% of outside light, whereas blackout liners obstruct 100%. Note: Light-filtering fabrics will reveal silhouettes to the outdoors at night.

  • Panel-height dimension reflects the height of the finished product, including the pleat. Finished drapery length is recommended to be 1/2” off the floor.

  • Consider your view outside when selecting how you’d like your draperies to open. If you want two panels that split in the middle and stack to the sides evenly, choose split panel when customizing your product. Choose single panel if you want one panel that stacks all to one side.

  • For added variety and dimension, you can match these drapery panels with our Classic Roman Shades or add optional traversing drapery hardware.


  • Lining is strongly recommended to protect your draperies from sun and heat damage. In the case of silk and linen draperies, it is a must.

  • These draperies will come with built in pleats that will create gentle folds below when mounted to the rod, so simply order the exact width you want to cover.

  • When ordering the decorative rod upgrade, a 3 1/8" ball finial will come for each end of the rod. The finial width is not included in the width ordered.

    • The length of clip rings is included in the height measurement. Clip rings measure 2 ¾”.

Coordinating Products:

  • Click here to see other products that are available in many of the same materials.

Child Safety Information

This product does not have accessible cords, and therefore is safer for places where children or pets may be present.


With the assurance of the Warranty, you can trust that this product will last and provide added value and beauty to your home.

Standard Blind Specifications:

  • Available Panel Widths: from 24" up to 192" (note: this is the coverage width - meaning how much space the panel covers, not the width of your window)
  • Available Panel Height: 24" up to 108" (Note: the panel height is from the top of the fabric to the bottom of the fabric - we suggest measuring 1/2" from the floor)
  • Made with 200% Fullness

  • The length of clip rings is included in the height measurement. Clip rings measure 2 ¾”.

  • Made In: Imported

Mounting Requirements:

  • Outside Mount Only: panels are available as outside mount, meaning they are installed above and around the window casing. Ideally, you would have 8” of wall space above and on each side of the window.

Optional Upgrades:

  • Single Panel or Split Panel
  • Light Filtering and Blackout Liners
  • Traverse Rods Available

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