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Bali Solar Sliding Panel

  • Filter out glare and damaging UV rays while preserving your view of the outside
  • Many color and texture options are available, plus your choice of opacity level
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Normally made in 17 business days (allow extra time for shipping)

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  • Color

    1% Openness

    • Feedback 1% Frostine T7901
    • Muse 1% Good Egg T7601
    • Feedback 1% Antler T7914
    • Feedback 1% Farmhouse White T7902
    • Feedback 1% Fresh Fawn T7911
    • Muse 1% Alaska Sky T7604
    • Feedback 1% Coconut Milk T7910
    • Wales Brushed Gray T1705
    • Muse 1% Irish Oatmeal T7607
    • Feedback 1% Shiny Nickel T7906
    • Muse 1% Formal T7612
    • Muse 1% Stovepipe T7610
    • Feedback 1% Americano T7907
    • Muse 1% Fresh Mocha T7609
    • Feedback 1% Mineral Point T7908

    3% Openness

    • Feedback 3% Frostine T8201
    • Feedback 3% Farmhouse White T8202
    • Scene White Hot T8601
    • Wales Coastal Gray T1704
    • Feedback 3% Shiny Nickel T8206
    • Feedback 3% Mineral Point T8208
    • Scene Boulder T8602
    • Wales Fresh Coffee T1701
    • Wales Denim Blue T1703
    • Wales Green Leaf T1702

    4% Openness

    • Ballad Vanilla T9201
    • Ballad Gosling T9202
    • Revelation En Garde T8701
    • Revelation Biscuit T8703
    • Revelation Corbel T8704
    • Revelation Quinoa T8702
    • Ballad Siamese T9203
    • Ballad Suit T9204

    5% Openness

    • Feedback 5% Frostine T8301
    • Muse 5% Good Egg T7801
    • Feedback 5% Antler T8314
    • Feedback 5% Fresh Fawn T8311
    • Bristol White Lace T2301
    • Feedback 5% Coconut Milk T8310
    • Bristol Almond Milk T2306
    • Muse 5% Alaska Sky T7804
    • Mystify Spicy Chai T8603
    • Bristol Warm Brownie T2304
    • Bristol Mulberry T2305
    • Mystify Aluminum T8605
    • Feedback 5% Mineral Point T8308
    • Bristol Gray Chic T2302
    • Mystify Courtyard T8604
    • Bristol Peaceful Gray T2303
    • Mystify Carbon Dating T8606
    • Feedback 5% Shiny Nickel T8306
    • Muse 5% Formal T7812
    • Muse 5% Stovepipe T7810
    • Muse 5% Irish Oatmeal T7807
    • Muse 5% Fresh Mocha T7809
    More Rows of Colors

    7% Openness

    • Flecked Snowball T1901
    • Flecked Simply Beige T1903
    • Steppe Dune T0441
    • Flecked Natural White T1902
    • Flecked Elegant Gray T1904
    • Steppe Kalihari T0443
    • Steppe Sahara T0442
    • Steppe Gobi T0444
    • Steppe Mojave T0445
    • Flecked Black Tie T1905

    8% Openness

    • Maze White Lines T8501
    • Maze Smooth Cream T8502
    • Caballero Organic T9704
    • Maze Heather Grey T8503
    • Composition Cotton Fine T8801
    • Composition Blue Fade T8802
    • Caballero Scrimshaw T9701
    • Composition Tiramisu T8804
    • Composition Facade T8803
    • Caballero Medallion T9703
    • Caballero Chessboard T9702
    • Maze Luster Bronze T8504
    • Composition Black Walnut T8805

    10% Openness

    • Feedback 10% Frostine T8401
    • Feedback 10% Farmhouse White T8402
    • Feedback 10% Shiny Nickel T8406
    • Feedback 10% Mineral Point T8408

    14% Openness

    • Fairmont Rice T0506
    • Fairmont Cream T0507
    • Fairmont Almond T0505
    • Fairmont Black T0504

    18% Openness

    • Cora Veil White T1801
    • Cora Vintage White T1802
    • Cora Caramel Corn T1805
    • Cora Rustic Taupe T1803
    • Cora Espresso Bean T1806
    • Cora Brown Cocoa T1804


Product Details

Product Description

Bali Solar Sliding Panels are a stylish way to filter out harsh glare and protect your interior furnishings from harmful UV rays while preserving your view of the outside. The panels can be ordered in a variety of sizes, and slide gracefully across a durable aluminum track. You can choose between one-way or split draw. There are many different choices of solar-screen fabric colors and designs to complement your decor, from solid colors such as Lucence Gray, Villa Onyx, Skylar Haze or Shoji Slate to patterns such as Terrace Bamboo, Weave Chestnut, Tropics Caramel or Vineyard Harvest. Choose an elegant, color-coordinated valance to create the perfect, finished look. At night, the inside is visible from outside if the lights are on, just as if the window was covered with a sheer fabric. Bali solar screen fabric opacities vary between 3-10%. The smaller the percentage, the more UV rays are blocked by the fabric, so 3% blocks 97% of UV rays and 10% opacity blocks 90% of UV rays.

Installation Time: 30 minutes

Coordinating Products: To coordinate all of your windows, click here to see other products that are available in the same materials.

Child Safety: When the wand control option is chosen, this product is considered to be safer for children. Control options with a chain and cord or bottom chain have exposed cords, and therefore are not recommended for homes where children or pets may be present.

Standard Blind Specifications:

  • Minimum Width: 18"
  • Maximum Width: 192"
  • Minimum Height: 20"
  • Maximum Height: 144"
  • Approximate Inside Mount Deduction: 1/2"
  • Made In: Imported

Mounting Requirements:

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth 2 & 3 Panels: 1
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth 4 & 5 Panels: 1 3/4''
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed 2 & 3 panels): 3 1/8''
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed 4 panels): 3 9/16''
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed 5 panels): 4 3/16''
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 1 1/2"

Optional Upgrades:

  • Extension Brackets