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Bella View Legacy Light Filtering Cellular Shades

  • Gently diffuses sunlight while insulating against outside temperatures
  • Choose from a broad spectrum of colors and prints to perfectly match your home’s style
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  • Color

    3/4" Single Cell - Same Color Front/Back

    • Maldives White LC7007

    3/8" Single Cell - White to Streetside

    • Cloud SC2001
    • Eggshell SC2002
    • Sunflower SC2505
    • Beach SC2506
    • Rose SC2304
    • Plum SC2802
    • Silverdrop SC2109
    • Smoke SC2106
    • Steel SC2202
    • Onyx SC2201
    • Autumn SC2406
    • Cocoa SC2402
    • Sky SC2706
    • Agean SC2702
    • Nimbus SC2107
    • Spearmint SC2703
    • Brick SC2302

    9/16" Single Cell - White to Streetside

    • Cloud MC2001
    • Eggshell MC2002
    • Parchment MC2510
    • Turtledove MC7116
    • Surf MC7611
    • Evergreen MC7612

    1/2" Double Cell - White to Streetside

    • Cloud DC2001
    • Eggshell DC2002
    • Sunflower DC2505
    • Beach DC2506
    • Rose DC2304
    • Silverdrop DC2109
    • Smoke DC2106
    • Steel DC2202
    • Onyx DC2201
    • Autumn DC2406
    • Cocoa DC2402
    • Sky DC2706
    • Agean DC2702
    • Nimbus DC2107
    • Spearmint DC2703
    • Brick DC2302

    3/4" Single Cell - White to Streetside

    • Cloud LC2001
    • Abalone LC7417
    • Eggshell LC2002
    • Sunflower LC2505
    • Beach LC2506
    • Rose LC2304
    • Plum LC2802
    • Silverdrop LC2109
    • Smoke LC2106
    • Steel LC2202
    • Onyx LC2201
    • Autumn LC2406
    • Cocoa LC2402
    • Sky LC2706
    • Agean LC2702
    • Nimbus LC2107
    • Spearmint LC2703
    • Brick LC2302
    • Sunflower LD2505

    3/4 Woven Single Cell - Same Color Front/Back

    • Flax LC1300
    • Milk White LC1299
    • Sand LC1301
    • Khaki LC1302
    • Dune LC1303

    3/4" Double Cell - White to Streetside

    • Cloud LD2001
    • Eggshell LD2002
    • Beach LD2506
    • Rose LD2304
    • Plum LD2802
    • Silverdrop LD2109
    • Smoke LD2106
    • Steel LD2202
    • Onyx LD2201
    • Autumn LD2406
    • Cocoa LD2402
    • Sky LD2706
    • Agean LD2702
    • Nimbus LD2107
    • Spearmint LD2703
    • Brick LD2302

    1 1/4" Single Cell - White to Streetside

    • Cloud GS2001
    • Eggshell GS2002
    • Sunflower GS2505
    • Beach GS2506
    • Rose GS2304
    • Silverdrop GS2109
    • Smoke GS2106
    • Steel GS2202
    • Onyx GS2201
    • Autumn GS2406
    • Cocoa GS2402
    • Sky GS2706
    • Agean GS2702
    • Nimbus GS2107
    • Spearmint GS2703
    • Brick GS2302
    • Stone GS2103

    1 1/4 Woven Single Cell - Same Color Front/Back

    • Sand GS1301
    • Flax GS1300
    • Milk White GS1299
    • Dune GS1303
    • Khaki GS1302



Product Details

Product Description

Discover the American Blinds Suite of Legacy Cellular Shade options for your home! There’s a Legacy Cellular solution for just about every window and every view.

Bella View Legacy Light Filtering Cellular Shades from American Blinds provide privacy, stack tightly when raised and offer superior insulation year-round. Light-filtering shades allow light to pass through gently, filtering out some of the sun’s damaging UV rays to help protect the interior of your home. These versatile, best-selling shades are available in single- or double-cell fabric options. Double-cell shades provide the most insulation, which is created by the air pockets in a cellular shade’s honeycomb design, boosting your energy efficiency year-round.

You can choose from a variety of style upgrades to control how light enters the room, including Top-Down/Bottom-Up which is available in Cordless option. The popular Top-Down/Bottom-Up feature allows you to maintain privacy below while letting the light in from above, or raise the blind from the bottom like a traditional blind. The Cordless ClearFit shade is a Top-Down/Bottom-Up shade for smaller windows that eliminates the top and bottom rails for a clean look. Motorization makes it easy to raise and lower larger or out-of-reach shades. You can conveniently control your window from anywhere at your home.

For standard shades, choose between Cordless, Continuous Cord Loop, SmartRelease or motorized to operate your shade. Larger shades operate more smoothly with the Continuous Cord Loop or SmartRelease features. Cordless and motorization options are considered safest for rooms where children and pets may be present. Choose from a beautiful array of colors and nature-inspired prints to perfectly complement any décor.


  • Honey, Abalone, Maldives White, Cobblestone are the same color front and back.

Shop the entire Bella View Legacy Cellular Shade Collection here.

Install Time: 12-15 minutes

**Motorization: Power supply options offered are rechargeable battery wand and plug in.

Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 9"
  • Maximum Width: 120"
  • Minimum Height: 10"
  • Maximum Height: 144"
  • Approximate Vertical Light Gap: 3/8" each side with a tolerance of 1/8"
  • Color-coordinated rail colors

Other Lift Options

Size Specifications

  • Made In: Imported

Optional Upgrades:

  • Cordless & Top-Down/Bottom-Up
  • Cord Loop Top Down
  • ClearFit
  • SmartRelease
  • Motorization
  • Motorized Top Down
  • Hold Down Brackets (outside mount only)
  • Light Guard (inside mount only)
  • Control Pole (cordless lift only)

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