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Bella View Legacy Roman Shades

  • Choose from a diverse palette of solids, colors and textures
  • Fabric content varies from cotton to blended materials
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    Sample orders are limited at this time and should be available for this product soon!
  • Color

    Fabric Colors

    • Ashton Stripe Rice SW203
    • Amsterdam Bridge SW200
    • Amsterdam Gravel SW202
    • Amsterdam Gondola SW201
    • Ashton Stripe Linen SW102
    • Ashton Stripe Camel SW100
    • Ashton Stripe Greysmoke SW101
    • Athena Marble SW105
    • Ashton Stripe Nugget SW104
    • Ashton Stripe Navy SW103
    • Athena Oceanus SW106
    • Aurora Moonstruck SW108
    • Aurora Arctica SW107
    • Belize Caribbean SW109
    • Belize Graphite SW205
    • Belize Chrome SW204
    • Braidy Salt SW112
    • Braidy Husk SW111
    • Braidy Ash SW110
      No Swatch
    • Brant Cream Linen SW113
    • Brant Pewter SW114
    • Brisbane White Sand SW119
    • Brisbane Coastal Beach SW116
    • Brisbane Sand Dollar SW118
    • Brisbane Clear Sky SW115
    • Brisbane Marina SW117
    • Casablanca Sun SW124
    • Casablanca Silver SW122
    • Casablanca Mineral SW120
    • Casablanca Steel SW123
    • Casablanca Navy SW121
    • Chicago Ledgestone SW207
    • Chicago Limestone SW208
    • Chicago Fleet SW206
    • Chicago River SW209
    • Covington Wheat SW126
    • Covington Silver SW125
    • Dahlia Grain SW210
    • Dahlia Stone SW212
    • Dahlia Ruby SW211
    • Darien Seaglass SW129
    • Darien Lake SW127
    • Darien Midnight SW128
    • Davenport Meadow SW130
    • Del Mar Stripe Spa SW215
    • Del Mar Stripe Regal SW213
    • Del Mar Stripe Strawberry SW216
    • Del Mar Stripe Sandpiper SW214
    • Elizabeth Sesame SW220
    • Elizabeth Prairie SW218
    • Elizabeth Carbon SW217
    • Elizabeth Sapphire SW219
    • Florence Gold Garden SW131
    • Florence Red Flame SW132
    • Flyaway Sapphire SW133
    • Gali Boulder SW134
    • Gali Red Curry SW135
    • Gent Bright White SW183
    • Gent Bisque SW182
    • Gent Vanilla SW188
    • Gent Flax SW185
    • Gent Greystone SW186
    • Gent Smoke SW187
    • Gent Dove SW184
    • Halo Champagne SW222
    • Halo Capri SW221
    • Halo Walnut SW223
    • Helena Birch SW136
    • Helena Cove SW137
    • Helena Espresso SW138
    • Highland Arctic SW224
    • Highland Greige SW225
    • Highland Pebble SW226
    • Highland Shale SW227
    • Highland Woodland SW228
    • Ingrid Sand SW231
    • Ingrid Aloe SW229
    • Ingrid Cloisonne SW230
    • Ingrid Snapdragon SW232
    • Irish Linen Snowbird SW236
    • Irish Linen Mist SW233
    • Irish Linen Newcastle SW234
    • Irish Linen Ocean SW235
    • Irish Linen Wrought Iron SW237
    • Ivy Seaglass SW140
    • Ivy Twine SW141
    • Ivy Lake SW139
    • Jasper Facets SW239
    • Jasper Icy Blue SW240
    • Jasper Monolith SW241
    • Jasper Summit SW243
    • Jasper Coal SW238
    • Jasper Nile SW242
    • Kyoto Cherry Blossom SW245
    • Kyoto Apple Blossom SW244
    • Kyoto Pear Blossom SW246
    • Le Jardin Tan/Grey SW143
    • Le Jardin Pink/Green SW142
    • Lexi White SW144
    • Lexi Moondance SW250
    • Lexi Latte SW249
    • Lexi Boardwalk SW247
    • Lexi Flannel SW248
    • Lyon Ice SW146
    • Lyon Ivory SW147
    • Lyon Metallic SW148
    • Lyon Bronze SW145
    • Madeline Gold SW149
    • Madeline Silver SW150
    • Mercado Pedra SW254
    • Mercado Lagoon SW253
    • Mercado Almond SW251
    • Mercado Atlantica SW252
    • Metropolitan Brownstone SW255
    • Metropolitan Concrete SW256
    • Metropolitan Ice SW257
    • Metropolitan Patina SW258
    • Miami Flint SW259
    • Miami Harbor SW260
    • Milan Frost SW266
    • Miami Misty SW261
    • Milan Raw Silk SW268
    • Milan Acacia SW263
    • Milan Fern SW265
    • Milan Chestnut SW264
    • Miami Regatta SW262
    • Milan Night Sky SW267
    • Natural Sheer Flax SW269
    • Natural Sheer Jute SW270
    • Natural Sheer Starling SW271
    • Oslo Stripe Multi SW152
    • Painterly Heather SW273
    • Painterly Autumn SW272
    • Paisley Seagull SW276
    • Painterly Spring Green SW274
    • Paisley Lapis SW275
    • Pinnacles Ash SW277
    • Pinnacles Biscuit SW278
    • Pinnacles Kona SW279
    • Raw Silk Crepe Nickel SW153
    • Rio Winter White SW156
    • Rio Primrose SW280
    • Rio Sisal SW282
    • Rio Sherry SW281
    • Rio Spire SW283
    • Rio Stone SW155
    • Rio Atlantic SW154
    • Safari Moon SW285
    • Safari Sahara SW286
    • Safari Gazelle SW284
    • Sandscapes Candlelight SW189
    • Sandscapes Lichen SW191
    • Sandscapes Moonlight SW192
    • Sandscapes Terra SW193
    • Sandscapes Farro SW190
    • Sedona Sandcliff SW287
    • Sedona Sunset SW288
    • Seoul White Cloud SW159
    • Seoul Pearl SW157
    • Seoul Pebble SW158
    • Sequoia Cirrus SW289
    • Sequoia Spice SW290
    • Sequoia Zinc SW291
    • Shetland Matte White SW293
    • Shetland Wicker SW297
    • Shetland Savory Spice SW296
    • Shibori Gravel SW160
    • Shetland Granite SW292
    • Shetland Rockridge SW295
    • Shetland Quarry SW294
    • Silkara Swan SW302
    • Silkara Antique Ivory SW298
    • Silkara Cranberry SW300
    • Silkara Quartzite SW301
    • Silkara Boysenberry SW299
    • Somerset Opaline SW304
    • Somerset Alabaster SW161
    • Somerset Flax SW162
    • Somerset Sandstone SW163
    • Somerset Hyacinth SW303
    • Sparkle Glacier SW164
    • Sparkle Rose SW166
    • Sparkle Mica SW165
    • Tantalum Moonstone SW168
    • Tantalum Antique SW167
    • Tantalum Sea Foam SW169
    • Tantalum Slate SW170
    • Valdosta Iron SW171
    • Valdosta Onyx SW172
    • Verona Adriatic SW305
    • Verona Winter Green SW306
    • Verona Dove SW173
    • Verona Latte SW174
    • Viburnum Cloudy SW175
    • Vienna Cypress SW308
    • Vienna Castle SW307
    • Vienna Grey Pearl SW310
    • Vienna Danube SW309
    • Vienna Nightfall SW311
    • Wilmington Bright White SW176
    • Wilmington White SW181
    • Wilmington Natural SW179
    • Wilmington Flax SW177
    • Wilmington Moonstone SW178
    • Wilmington Nautical SW180
    More Rows of Colors
    Sample orders are limited at this time and should be available for this product soon!
  • Edge Banding Color

    Banding Colors

    • Cloud
    • Magnolia
    • Beige
    • Wheat
    • Aqua
    • Pebble
    • Natural
    • Slate
    • Naval
    • Deep Sea
    • Merlot
    • Midnight



Product Details

Product Description

Get a designer look without the designer price with the Bella View Legacy Roman Shades from American Blinds. Select from a broad spectrum of solids, patterns and textures to suit any décor or design for you room. Add elegance and rich texture to your shades with a soft style known as Hobbled Fold, which features a series of top-to-bottom soft folds. Other fold options include Flat Fold, which hangs straight with no seams when lowered, or Plain Fold, which hangs straight but contains horizontal seams. For a clean appearance, select Cordless control to remove the clutter of lift cords. Consider top-down / bottom-up control to allow light in from the top or the bottom of your shade, or nylon Continuous Cord Loop control for easy lift on larger shades . This shade offers motorization with rechargeable battery as an upgrade.

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Installation Time: 20-30 minutes


  • Standard valance return height will be 1½" less than the valance height. This length will keep the rolled bottom of the valance from interfering with the return. Longer returns can be ordered upon request. Waterfall style shades will have the lift cords positioned behind the fabric.

  • Motorized shades come with a rechargeable battery. One charger is included with each order.

  • Cords are visible on backside of shade.

  • Outside Mount does not come with pre-drilled holes see Install Instructions. Outside Mount headrail on CCO and Motorized lift will measure approx. 1" wider than shade.

Child Safety: This product has exposed cords and is not recommended for homes where children or pets may be present.

Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 12"
  • Maximum Width: 115"
  • Minimum Height: 16"
  • Maximum Height: 120"
  • Approximate Inside Mount Deduction: 1/4"
  • Made In: Imported

Mounting Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (Cord Lift): 1 1/4"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed) (Cord Lift): 1 7/8"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (Top Down Bottom Up): 2"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed) (Top Down Bottom Up): 2 1/4"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (Cordless and Continuous Cord Loop): 2"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed) (Cordless): 2 1/4"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed) (Continuous Cord Loop): 3"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 3 3/4"

Motorized Depth Requirements

  • Under 58" in width requires Minimum Mounting Depth of 2 1/4"
  • Over 58" in width requires Minimum Mounting Depth of 3 1/4"

Optional Upgrades

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