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Bella View Legacy Zebra Shades

  • Convenient Motorization operation available
  • Soft striped and textured fabrics
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  • Color

    Airy Light Filtering Colors - Lightweight linen-inspired texture

    • Airy Wicker QG123
    • Airy Linen QG122
    • Airy Harvest QG125
    • Airy Breeze QG124
    • Airy Espresso QG126

    Bevel Light Filtering Colors - Woven-in diagonal pattern

    • Bevel Snowdrift QG127
    • Bevel Balsa QG128
    • Bevel Chrome QG129
    • Bevel Hyacinth QG130
    • Bevel Iron QG131

    Breckenridge Light Filtering Colors - Light diagonal texture

    • Breckenridge Snow Crystal QG101
    • Breckenridge Moonlight QG102
    • Breckenridge Natural QG103
    • Breckenridge Aspen QG110
    • Breckenridge Almond QG104
    • Breckenridge Riverbend QG105
    • Breckenridge Shadow QG106
    • Breckenridge Silver QG107
    • Breckenridge Spice QG114
    • Breckenridge Teak QG113
    • Breckenridge Mocha QG109
    • Breckenridge Steel QG115
    • Breckenridge Deep Lake QG112
    • Breckenridge Aubergine QG111
    • Breckenridge Coal QG108

    Cottage Light Filtering Colors - Woven-in light, horizontal texture

    • Cottage Glacier QG164
    • Cottage Shetland QG165
    • Cottage Nickel QG166
    • Cottage Cinder QG167

    La Quinta Light Filtering Colors - Lightweight sheer

    • La Quinta Chardonnay QG151
    • La Quinta Quail QG154
    • La Quinta Mesquite QG153

    Marquis Light Filtering Colors - Woven-in horizontal stripes

    • Marquis Birch QG161
    • Marquis Flagstone QG162
    • Marquis Slate QG160
    • Marquis Carob QG163

    Piedra Light Filtering Colors - Woven-in abstract texture

    • Piedra Blanca QG116
    • Piedra Adobe QG117
    • Piedra Mineral QG118
    • Piedra Tiger Eye QG120
    • Piedra Asteroid QG119
    • Piedra Brownstone QG121

    Prairie Light Filtering Colors - Heathered horizontal texture with a light sheen

    • Prairie Wheat QG156
    • Prairie Sky QG158
    • Prairie Barley QG157
    • Prairie Rye QG155
    • Prairie Raven QG159

    Grove Room Darkening Colors - Textured, heathered woven

    • Grove Flaxen QG132
    • Grove Sesame QG135
    • Grove Clay QG133
    • Grove Pebble QG140
    • Grove Maple QG136
    • Grove Oak QG137
    • Grove Russet QG138
    • Grove Henna QG134
    • Grove Dark Walnut QG139

    Naples Room Darkening Colors - Smooth surface with a soft sheen

    • Naples Pearl QG145
    • Naples Mist QG146
    • Naples Cornerstone QG147
    • Naples Storm QG148
    • Naples Flannel QG149
    • Naples Walnut QG150

    Norwood Room Darkening Colors - Matte surface with a subtle texture

    • Norwood Brie QG141
    • Norwood Grain QG142
    • Norwood Ash QG143
    • Norwood Cobblestone QG144



Product Details

Product Description

The soft, sophisticated appeal of shades meets the traditional and flexible light control of horizontal blinds in the Bella View Legacy Zebra Shades. Often referred to as double or dual shades, two layers of fantastically striped, textured fabric alternate to create your perfect balance between privacy and natural light.

Sleek and streamlined enough for professional settings and subtlety chic and cheerful for home settings, you’ll find modern fabric colors and textures that span from gentle neutrals to moody espressos, greys, and metal tones. With such versatility and contrast in materials, you’ll significantly impact your décor and design; operation is also easy and convenient for everyday use and adjustments.

A Zebra Shades fabric alternates between sheer and solid material in a striped pattern to allow for dual layers to shift and expose or decrease light and privacy levels depending on your needs. Samples are highly recommended due to fabric opacity differences between colors. When your shade is raised fully, the fabric roll becomes enclosed in a robust aluminum cassette headrail, wrapped in coordinating fabric for clear, expansive views. The bottom rail is also color-coordinated to your shade color.

  • Solid and Sheer band heights
    • Breckenridge 3" Solid / 2" Sheer
    • Piedra 3 3/4" Solid / 2" Sheer
    • Airy 4" Solid/ 2" Sheer
    • Bevel 3" Solid / 2" Sheer
    • La Quinta 3" Solid / 2" Sheer
    • Prairie 3" Solid / 2" Sheer
    • Marquis 3" Solid / 2" Sheer
    • Cottage 3" Solid / 2" Sheer
    • Grove 4" Solid / 2 1/2" Sheer
    • Norwood 3" Solid / 2" Sheer
    • Naples 3" Solid / 2" Sheer

Your Bella View Legacy Zebra Shades comes complete with an easy installation bracket and adjustable counterweight system for perfectly straight shades throughout time.

Three easy lift options are available: a color-coordinated nylon continuous cord loop with a cord tensioner, cordless lift, or motorized wand lift.

The motorized wand upgrade comes in white and provides control functions for up, tilt, stop, and down; it also includes a USB charger and charging brick. Operate your motorized upgrade through buttons and settings located on a wand attached to your window treatment.

Cordless Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 18"
  • Maximum Width: 72"
  • Maximum Height: 72"

  • Approximate 3/4" light gap on each side

Continuous Cord Loop Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 13"
  • Maximum Width: 96"
  • Maximum Height: 94"

  • Approximate 3/4" light gap on each side

Motorized Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 24"
  • Maximum Width: 96"
  • Maximum Height: 94"

  • Approximate 3/4" light gap on each side

  • Made In: Imported

Mounting Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 1 1/2"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed): 3"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 2"

Optional Upgrades:

  • Cordless
  • Motorized Wand

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