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Bella View Prestige Light Filtering Cellular Skylight Shades

  • Gorgeous light-filtering cellular shades for your skylights in top quality fabrics for happy, filtered sunlight and increased insulation.
  • Easy to use system operated on a center handrail with sky poles available for hard to reach windows.
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  • Color

    3/4" Single Cell Colors

    • Igloo C0381
      No Swatch
    • Sugary Sand C0377
      No Swatch
    • Soothing Sauna C0370
    • Cream Filled C0393
    • Orion C0380
    • Aquatic C0383
    • Koala C0374
    • Mint Condition C0382
    • Matcha Tea C0376
    • Lemon Meltaway C0390
    • Twisted Rope C0391
    • Classic Novel C0378
    • Warm Bread C0375
    • Butter Braid C0388
    • Wood Canoe C0372
      No Swatch
    • Rootbeer Float C0371
    • Sunstone C0389
    • Taupe Utopia C0392
    • Party Punch C0385
    • Semi Sweet C0387
    • Whale Watch C0394
      No Swatch
    • Majestic C0384
    • Navy Blazer C0373
    • Classy Carbon C0379
    • Black Tie C0386
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    1/2" Double Cell Colors

    • Igloo C5900
    • Cream Filled C5946
    • Sugary Sand C5901
      No Swatch
    • Soothing Sauna C5924
    • Orion C5902
      No Swatch
    • Aquatic C5942
    • Mint Condition C5935
    • Koala C5916
    • Matcha Tea C5931
    • Twisted Rope C5940
    • Lemon Meltaway C5941
    • Warm Bread C5910
    • Butter Braid C5939
    • Wood Canoe C5913
    • Rootbeer Float C5914
    • Sunstone C5944
    • Taupe Utopia C5938
    • Party Punch C5936
    • Majestic C5943
    • Whale Watch C5947
    • Navy Blazer C5926
    • Classy Carbon C5918
    • Black Tie C5937
    More Rows of Colors



Product Details

Product Description

The Bella View Prestige Cellular Shades collection from American Blinds offers our widest array of cellular products so that you can carry out the same style and quality throughout your home with shades specifically made for all of your window. The Prestige Light Filtering Cellular Skylight Shades offers you an easy-to-use solution that both filters natural light for a happy glow of sunlight without being too harsh and adds insulation from above.

If you love natural light, but need to cut glare, tone it down, or add privacy from above at times, this shade can truly add needed functionality to your home. Keep an amazing sky view or choose to filter light when you need it! Select from a range of rich, best-selling colors in a lightweight single cell structure, all include white fabric facing outward for a uniform street/sky-side view. Easy to operate by a center handle, telescoping sky poles are also available upon request for hard to reach windows. These skylights come with a durable frame, aluminum side channels, and are offered in both inside and outside mount. To ensure long-lasting performance, all shades over 30 ¾” will have a center cord visible when the shade is open – a subtle addition telling of the shade’s quality and durability. .

Install Time: 30 - 60 Minutes


  • These shades are not recommended for areas where they may get wet. For such areas consider faux wood blinds, mini blinds, or faux wood shutters.
  • Shade widths over 30 3/4" will have a center cord visible when the shade is open.
  • Operates with a handle on the center rail and telescoping skylight poles are available upon request.
  • Your shade’s brackets will be visible on an outside mount.
  • Side mounts not available with this skylight shade
  • Window top and bottom corners must be 90º.
  • 90-degree corners at top and bottom are required for mounting.

Coordinating Products:

  • Shop the entire AmericanBlinds.com Cellular Shade Collection here.

Child Safety Information: This product is considered to be made safer for places where children and pets may be present due to no hanging cords or strings.

Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 12 3/4"
  • Maximum Width: 61"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 96" ( If width is less than 30 3/4")
  • Maximum Height: 61" ( If width is greater than 30 3/4")
  • Approximate Deduction: 3/8"
  • Made In: Imported

Mounting Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 1 1/2"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 2"

Optional Upgrades:

  • Single Cell
  • Double Cell
  • Extension Pole

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