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Bella View Trademark Blackout Roller Shades

Blackout roller shade provides chic style and total darkness when used with light blockers. Choose from a range of solids and decorative prints; several lift upgrades available.

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  • Color

    Fabric Colors

    • Lexington White LP147
    • Lexington Alabaster LP148
    • Lexington Smoke LP150
    • Mesa Snowcap LP159
    • Mesa Biscotti LP160
    • Mesa MIsty LP161
    • Spectrum Vanilla LP244
    • Spectrum Linen LP240
    • Spectrum Birch LP183
    • Spectrum Marble LP206
    • Spectrum Jasmine LP239
    • Spectrum Ash LP179
    • Spectrum Spark LP227
    • Spectrum Mica LP207
    • Spectrum Taupe LP238
    • Spectrum Powder Blue LP218
    • Spectrum Cactus LP190
    • Lexington Grain LP149
    • Lexington Almond LP153
    • Spectrum Raffia LP220
    • Spectrum Seagrass LP223
    • Spectrum Acacia LP177
    • Spectrum Straw LP230
    • Spectrum Natural LP241
    • Spectrum Sunflower LP231
    • Spectrum Buttercup LP189
    • Spectrum Turtledove LP234
    • Spectrum Peony LP216
    • Spectrum Carnation LP197
    • Spectrum Starling LP229
    • Spectrum Orchid LP214
    • Spectrum Platinum LP217
    • Spectrum Nickel LP212
    • Spectrum Titanium LP242
    • Spectrum Field LP201
    • Spectrum Quartz LP219
    • Lexington Gravel LP154
    • Spectrum Travertine LP233
    • Spectrum Blossom LP184
    • Spectrum Sesame LP224
    • Spectrum Wasabi LP236
    • Spectrum Clover LP193
    • Spectrum Ice Blue LP245
    • Spectrum Sky LP225
    • Spectrum Bluestone LP186
    • Spectrum Horizon LP204
    • Spectrum Lakeshore LP205
    • Spectrum Gulf LP203
    • Spectrum Cove LP196
    • Spectrum Fern LP200
    • Spectrum River LP222
    • Spectrum NIagara LP211
    • Spectrum Mineral LP208
    • Spectrum Winter Green LP243
    • Spectrum Palm LP215
    • Spectrum Atlantic LP180
    • Spectrum Surf LP246
    • Spectrum Grape LP202
    • Spectrum Blush LP187
    • Spectrum Camellia LP191
    • Spectrum Adobe LP178
    • Spectrum Ember LP198
    • Spectrum Raspberry LP221
    • Spectrum Cordovan LP195
    • Spectrum Azalea LP182
    • Spectrum Boysenberry LP188
    • Spectrum Cobblestone LP194
    • Spectrum Falcon LP199
    • Spectrum Spice LP228
    • Spectrum Acorn LP237
    • Spectrum Moss LP209
    • Spectrum Blueberry LP185
    • Spectrum Timber LP232
    • Spectrum Slate LP226
    • Lexington Pewter LP151
    • Spectrum Navy LP210
    • Spectrum Aubergine LP181
    • Spectrum Cinder LP192
    • Spectrum Walnut LP235
    • Spectrum Raven LP213
    • Lexington Onyx LP152
    • Batik Misty Blue LP101
    • Batik Silver LP103
    • Batik Beige LP100
    • Batik Silka LP102
    • Brushstrokes Sand LP108
    • Brushstrokes Balsa LP104
    • Brushstrokes Mist LP107
    • Brushstrokes Cloud LP105
    • Brushstrokes Denim LP106
    • Cottonwood Autumn LP114
    • Cottonwood Winter LP117
    • Cottonwood Summer LP116
    • Cottonwood Spring LP115
    • Courtyard Candlelight LP118
    • Courtyard Quartzite LP119
    • Courtyard Silverdrop LP120
    • Courtyard Teal LP121
    • Crossweave Polenta LP127
    • Crossweave Capri LP122
    • Crossweave Organdy LP126
    • Crossweave Graphite LP123
    • Crossweave Moonlight LP125
    • Crossweave Lavastone LP124
    • Deco Plateau LP132
    • Deco Sandcastle LP134
    • Deco Willow LP136
    • Deco Aloe LP128
    • Deco Stone LP135
    • Deco Ocean LP130
    • Deco Granite LP129
    • Deco Persimmon LP131
    • Devon Stone LP140
    • Devon Oak LP139
    • Devon Birch LP142
    • Devon Cameo LP137
    • Devon Wheat LP141
    • Devon Carbon LP138
    • Ginko Sienna LP146
    • Ginko Cloud LP143
    • Ginko Grove LP144
    • Ginko Haze LP145
    • Terra Nova Mica LP257
    • Terra Nova River LP259
    • Taos Riverbed LP252
    • Terra Nova Mojave LP258
    • Taos Pebbles LP251
    • Terra Nova Bloom LP256
    • Taos Dune LP249
    • Taos Sandcliff LP253
    • Taos Clay LP248
    • Taos Turquoise LP255
    • Taos Charcoal LP247
    • Meadow Natural LP157
    • Meadow Bluebell LP155
    • Meadow Grenadine LP156
    • Meadow Slate LP158
    • Palmetto Beach LP163
    • Palmetto Bark LP162
    • Palmetto Rose Quartz LP166
    • Palmetto Dusty Blue LP164
    • Palmetto Terrazzo LP167
    • Palmetto Light Grey LP165
    • Petals Autumn Mix LP168
    • Petals Spring Mix LP169
    • Petals Winter Mix LP171
    • Petals Summer Mix LP170
    • Rainforest Lily LP173
    • Rainforest Flagstone LP172
    • Rainforest Mist LP174
    • Rainforest Taupe LP176
    • Rainforest Sage LP175
    • Caldera Bright White LP109
    • Caldera Cream LP110
    • Caldera Mercury LP111
    • Caldera Rye LP113
    • Caldera Terra LP112
    More Rows of Colors



Product Details

Product Description

The Bella View Trademark Blackout Roller Shade brings a trendy look to your window while giving you the ability to completely darken the room. This modern shade comes in a variety of solids, prints, and decorative patterns to match a wide range of décor styles. A continuous cord loop lift system comes standard, or you can upgrade to a cordless lift to enhance the shade’s sleek appearance and make it safer for children. Outfit your shade with a motorized lift system for the utmost convenience and control. A fabric-wrapped cassette hides the shade’s hardware and completes the look.

If total darkness is a necessity, we recommend adding light blockers to the sides of your shade so that light gaps will be covered. Fabrics are white to the street side. Without a valance, the white will be seen on the top roll.

Installation Time: 12-15 minutes

Child Safety: This product can be made safer for windows where children or pets may be present by selecting the cordless or motorized control upgrade. All other lift controls available for this product have cords that may be accessible and are not recommended for windows where children or pets may be present.

Standard Options

  • Minimum Width: 24"
  • Maximum Width: 96"
  • Minimum Height: 24"
  • Maximum Height: 120"
  • Made In: Imported

Mounting Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 1 1/4"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed): 2 1/2"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 1 1/2"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth with Cassette: 1 3/4"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth with Cassette (fully recessed): 4"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface with Cassette: 2 7/8"

Standard Options

  • Fabric Wrapped Cassette Valance
  • Choice of Chain Color
  • Reverse Roll

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