Bella View Trademark Custom Composite Wood Arch

  • Arches will be custom-made to your measurements
  • Multiple styles available for differing levels of light control
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Product Description

Bella View Trademark Custom Composite Wood Arches from American Blinds are made to order based on your arch opening measurements, so this is the perfect choice for eyebrow arch-shaped windows. This product is made with a durable, engineered wood composite that is resistant to warping, cracking, and breakage. Multiple styles are available for differing levels of light control. Sunburst arches have slat openings that allow approximately 15% of the available sunlight into your room. A unique outside flush-mount design ensures an easy installation, without brackets. The Slatburst arch has been engineered with 1/8" angled slat openings that filter out approximately 92% of direct sunlight. They allow a minimal amount of angled light inside the room, while reflecting out most of the heat. The Blackout arch resembles the Sunburst arch, except the slat openings are not cut through the material, thereby blocking all light and providing energy efficiency by deflecting heat from the sun.

Installation Time: 15-20 minutes

Child Safety: These arches do not have accessible cords and are considered to be safer for homes with children or pets.

Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 12"
  • Maximum Width: 96"
  • Minimum Height: 6"
  • Maximum Height: 57"
  • Widths over 49": Moveable arches over 49" and Non-Moveable arches over 59" will be shipped in two pieces and joined together upon installation by a Tonge & Groove joint for a seamless appearance.
  • Made In: USA

Mounting Requirements

  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 2"
  • Min Inside Mount Depth - Non Movable: 1"
  • Min Inside Mount Depth - Movable : 1 1/4"

Optional Upgrades:

  • Moveable Slats
  • Blackout Arch
  • Slatburst Arch
  • Non-Perfect Sizes
  • Specialty Shapes

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