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Levolor Fabric Sliding Panels

  • A stylish alternative to vertical blinds on larger windows or patio doors
  • Choose from various opacities to fulfill your specific needs for light control and privacy
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  • Color

    Solar Screen Colors

    • Solar Screen 3 White 10427013
    • Solar Screen 5 White 10420811
    • Solar Screen Tides White 10433374
    • Solar Screen 10 White 10420911
    • Solar Screen 10 Off White 10420913
    • Solar Screen 3 Graystone 10427016
    • Solar Screen 5 Gray 10420803
    • Solar Screen Tides Champagne 10433376
    • Solar Screen Tweed Champagne 10433370
    • Solar Screen Tweed Bronze 10433369
    • Solar Screen Herringbone Champagne 10433373
    • Solar Screen Herringbone Bronze 10433372
    • Solar Screen Herringbone Charcoal 10433371
    • Solar Screen Grasses Sage 10433379
    • Solar Screen Grasses Tan 10433378
    • Solar Screen Tweed Charcoal 10433368
    • Solar Screen 10 Iron 104GY012
    • Solar Screen 5 Chocolate 10420862
    • Solar Screen Grasses Brown 10433380
    • Solar Screen 3 Black 10427017
    • Solar Screen Tides Black 10433377
    More Rows of Colors

    Light Filtering Colors

    • LF Designer Textures Whisper 11470200
    • Aerial Light Filtering Whisper 114WH017
    • Engraved Whisper 10433329
    • Heathered Light Filtering Whisper 114MT021
    • Engraved Summer Sky 104BL002
    • Cache Light Filtering Whisper 114WH019
    • Cache Light Filtering Chiffon 114WH025
    • LF Designer Textures Light Gray 11470343
    • Linen Light Filtering Cream 114WH026
    • Woodgrain Champagne 10433332
    • Engraved Sand 10433327
    • Cache Light Filtering Doe 114BE005
    • Heathered Light Filtering Sand 114MT018
    • Woodgrain Sand 10433334
    • Fala Pango Ivory 104WH022
    • Woodgrain Toffee 10433333
    • LF Designer Textures Candlelight 11470204
    • Lemongrass Stripe Cream 10433336
    • Tweed Rattan Champagne 10433341
    • Boucle Stripe Brown 10433367
    • Lemongrass Stripe Champagne 10433337
    • Engraved Light Gray 10433328
    • LF Designer Textures Graphite 11470345
    • Lemongrass Stripe Light Gray 10433339
    • Linen Light Filtering Sage 11431619
    • Linen Light Filtering Fresh Green 11431622
    • Aerial Light Filtering Fresh Green 114GE002
    • Heathered Light Filtering Bay Leaf 114MT014
    • Tweed Rattan Rosemary 104MT035
    • Cache Light Filtering Storm Cloud 114GY015
    • Tweed Rattan Cinnamon 10433342
    • Woven Screen Khaki 10429747
    • Lemongrass Stripe Mocha 10433338
    • LF Designer Textures Light Olive 11470334
    • Fala Pango Doe 104BE003
    • Heathered Light Filtering Graphite 114MT016
    • Heathered Light Filtering Slate 114MT019
    • Linen Light Filtering Graphite 11431621
    • Seagrass Light Filtering Gray 10481917
    • Olive Leaves Light Filtering Light Jade 114PR018
    • Olive Leaves Light Filtering Lotus 114PR017
    • Olives Leaves Light Filtering China Blue 114PR016
    • Watercolor Light Filtering Castle Blue 114PR026
    • Watercolor Light Filtering Fawn 114PR025
    • Watercolor Light Filtering Lotus 114PR024
    • Aerial Light Filtering Marine 114BL001
    • Linen Light Filtering Marine 11431625
    • LF Designer Textures Navy 11470234
    • LF Designer Textures Sangria 11470801
    • Woodgrain Mocha 10433335
    • Cache Light Filtering Chipotle 114RE004
    • Woven Screen Auburn 10429745
    • Seagrass Light Filtering Sand 104NW001
    • Linen Light Filtering Raffia 11431607
    • Spa Cove Tan 10481911
    • Cache Light Filtering Hazelnut 114BR012
    • Tweed Rattan Latte 10433345
    • Braided Rattan Tan 10481915
    • Linen Light Filtering Toffee 11431608
    • Spa Cove Chocolate 10481912
    • Fala Pango Kenya 104ST011
    • Aerial Light Filtering Toffee 114BR008
    • Tweed Rattan Mocha 10433343
    • Fala Pango Storm Cloud 104GY013
    • Lemongrass Stripe Charcoal 10433340
    • Aerial Light Filtering Graphite 114GY010
    • Aerial Light Filtering Iron 114GY011
    • Linen Light Filtering Slate 11431615
    • Seagrass Light Filtering Tan 104NW002
    • Fala Pango Hazelnut 104BR009
    • Braided Rattan Chocolate 10481916
    • LF Designer Textures Mocha 11470272
    More Rows of Colors

    Room Darkening Colors

    • RD Designer Textures Whisper 12470200
    • Cache Room Darkening Whisper 124WH019
    • Heathered Room Darkening Whisper 124MT021
    • Aerial Room Darkening Whisper 124WH017
    • Cache Room Darkening Chiffon 124WH025
    • Linen Room Darkening Cream 124WH026
    • Heathered Room Darkening Cream 124MT015
    • RD Designer Textures Candlelight 12470204
    • Cache Room Darkening Doe 124BE005
    • Heathered Room Darkening Sand 124MT018
    • RD Designer Textures Light Gray 12470343
    • RD Designer Textures Graphite 12470345
    • Cache Room Darkening Storm Cloud 124GY015
    • Watercolor Room Darkening Lotus 124PR024
    • Watercolor Room Darkening Fawn 124PR025
    • RD Designer Textures Light Olive 12470334
    • Olive Leaves Room Darkening Lotus 124PR017
    • Olive Leaves Room Darkening Light Jade 124PR018
    • Watercolor Room Darkening Castle Blue 124PR026
    • Olive Leaves Room Darkening China Blue 124PR016
    • Linen Room Darkening Fresh Green 12431622
    • Linen Room Darkening Sage 12431619
    • Aerial Room Darkening Fresh Green 124GE002
    • Heathered Room Darkening Bay Leaf 124MT014
    • Heathered Room Darkening Graphite 124MT016
    • Linen Room Darkening Graphite 12431621
    • Heathered Room Darkening Slate 124MT019
    • Aerial Room Darkening Graphite 124GY010
    • Linen Room Darkening Raffia 12431607
    • Cache Room Darkening Hazelnut 124BR012
    • Linen Room Darkening Toffee 12431608
    • Linen Room Darkening Marine 12431625
    • Aerial Room Darkening Marine 124BL001
    • RD Designer Textures Navy 12470234
    • RD Designer Textures Sangria 12470801
    • Cache Room Darkening Chipotle 124RE004
    • Aerial Room Darkening Toffee 124BR008
    • Linen Room Darkening Slate 12431615
    • RD Designer Textures Mocha 12470272
    • Aerial Room Darkening Iron 124GY011
    More Rows of Colors

    Blackout Colors

    • Contemporary Blackout Off White 10433351
    • Contemporary Blackout Ivory 10433348
    • Contemporary Blackout Cement 10433350
    • Contemporary Blackout Pepper 10433346
    • Contemporary Blackout Navy 104BL003
    • Contemporary Blackout Black 10433347


Product Details

Product Description

Levolor Fabric Sliding Panels add a sleek, modern style to your large windows or patio doors. Available in a beautiful assortment of fabrics and colors, these sliding panels offer different opacities: choose solar screen or light-filtering to allow more light through while still having some privacy; go with room-darkening or blackout if you want maximum darkness and privacy. Available with cord or wand control. The cordless wand control option is suggested for families with kids or pets and comes at no additional charge. Give your panel tracks a custom flair by adding a designer valance.

Installation Time: 25-35 minutes

Coordinating Products: To coordinate all of your windows, click here to see other products that are available in the same materials.

Child Safety: When the wand control option is chosen, this product is considered to be safer for children. Control options with a cord or bottom chain have exposed cords, and therefore are not recommended for homes where children or pets may be present.

Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 48"
  • Maximum Width: 192"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 144"
  • Approximate Inside Mount Deduction: 1/4"
  • Made In: Imported

Mounting Requirements:

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth:

    • 2 Panels - 1 1/2"
    • 3 Panels - 2 1/4"
    • 4 Panels - 3"
    • 5 Panels - 3 3/4"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed): 1 7/8"

  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 1 3/4"

Optional Upgrades:

  • Cornice Upgrade
  • Cord or Wand control