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Levolor Natural Shade

  • Woven wood shades are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors
  • Various control options available to suit your décor and functional needs
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Normally made in 22 business days (allow extra time for shipping)

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    Sample orders are limited at this time and should be available for this product soon!
  • Color

    No Liner

    • Bay Weave White 102NW004
    • Seagrass Gray 10281917
    • Island Breeze Natural 10281922
    • Harbor Ford Cream 102NW005
    • Seagrass Sand 102NW001
    • Providence Cottage 10281759
    • Sisal Twist Banana Leaf 10281928
    • Braided Rattan Tan 10281915
    • Coastal Sands Tan 10281918
    • Spa Cove Tan 10281911
    • Seagrass Tan 102NW002
    • Harbor Ford Sage Gray 102NW006
    • Spa Cove Chocolate 10281912
    • Bamboo Essence Origami 10281961
    • Bamboo Essence Tatami 10281959
    • Bay Weave Gray 10281914
    • Providence Sage Gray 10281920
    • Providence Bungalow 10281708
    • Sisal Twist Pecanwood 10281926
    • Citiscape Spice 10281925
    • Cordon Tan 10282913
    • Harbor Ford Brown 102NW007
    • Bamboo Essence Shibori 10281960
    • Braided Rattan Chocolate 10281916
    • Sisal Twist Rum Raisin 10281927
    • Bay Weave Brown 10281913
    • Citiscape Espresso 10281924
    • Citiscape Black 10281923
    More Rows of Colors

    Light Filtering Liner

    • Bay Weave LF White 112NW004
    • Seagrass Gray LF 11281917
    • Island Breeze Natural LF 11281922
    • Harbor Ford LF Cream 112NW005
    • Seagrass LF Sand 112NW001
    • Providence Cottage LF 11281759
    • Sisal Twist Banana Leaf 11281928
    • Braided Rattan Tan LF 11281915
    • Coastal Sands Tan LF 11281918
    • Spa Cove Tan 11281911
    • Seagrass LF Tan 112NW002
    • Spa Cove Chocolate 11281912
    • Bamboo Essence Origami LF 11281961
    • Bamboo Essence Tatami LF 11281959
    • Bay Weave Gray LF 11281914
    • Harbor Ford Sage Gray 112NW006
    • Providence Sage Gray LF 11281920
    • Providence Bungalow LF 11281708
    • Sisal Twist Pecanwood 11281926
    • Citiscape Spice LF 11281925
    • Cordon Tan LF 11282913
    • Harbor Ford LF Brown 112NW007
    • Bamboo Essence Shibori LF 11281960
    • Braided Rattan Chocolate LF 11281916
    • Sisal Twist Rum Raisin LF 11281927
    • Bay Weave Brown LF 11281913
    • Citiscape Espresso LF 11281924
    • Citiscape Black LF 11281923
    More Rows of Colors

    Room Darkening Liner

    • Bay Weave RD White 122NW004
    • Seagrass Gray RD 12281917
    • Island Breeze Natural RD 12281922
    • Harbor Ford RD Cream 122NW005
    • Seagrass RD Sand 122NW001
    • Providence Cottage RD 12281759
    • Sisal Twist Banana Leaf 12281928
    • Braided Rattan Tan RD 12281915
    • Coastal Sands Tan RD 12281918
    • Spa Cove Tan RD 12281911
    • Seagrass RD Tan 122NW002
    • Spa Cove Chocolate RD 12281912
    • Bamboo Essence Origami RD 12281961
    • Bamboo Essence Tatami RD 12281959
    • Bay Weave Gray RD 12281914
    • Providence Sage Gray RD 12281920
    • Providence Bungalow RD 12281708
    • Sisal Twist Pecanwood 12281926
    • Harbor Ford Sage Gray 122NW006
    • Citiscape Spice RD 12281925
    • Cordon Tan RD 12282913
    • Harbor Ford RD Brown 122NW007
    • Bamboo Essence Shibori RD 12281960
    • Braided Rattan Chocolate RD 12281916
    • Sistal Twist Rum Raisin RD 12281927
    • Bay Weave Brown RD 12281913
    • Citiscape Espresso RD 12281924
    • Citiscape Black RD 12281923
    More Rows of Colors
    Sample orders are limited at this time and should be available for this product soon!
  • Edge Binding

    Edge Binding Colors

    • White 04111
    • Taupe 04114
    • Gray MS004
    • Moss 04112
    • Wilmington Sand 04116
    • Wilmington Taupe 04117
    • Crimson 04115
    • Cocoa 04104
    • Black 04106
    Sample orders are limited at this time and should be available for this product soon!
  • Wood Valance


    • Gray 50004
    • Sand n Beech 02798
    • Golden Oak 02771
    • Chestnut 02777
    • Black 02884


Product Details

Product Description

Bring the serene beauty of nature into your room with Levolor Natural Woven Wood Shades, which combine the latest fabrics, textures and patterns with exclusive, easy-to-operate light control options to create a natural ambiance. These woven wood shades (also called matchstick shades or bamboo shades) are available in a wide variety of classic, premium and deluxe patterns and colors, and each shade comes with a flat valance to finish the look. Decorative Edge Binding is available in a variety of colors to add style and panache to your shades. Lift upgrades include: Cordless for ease of use; Continuous Cord LoopTop-Down/Bottom-Up, which allows you to either lower your shade from the top to let in light from above while maintaining privacy below, or raise it from the bottom.

Installation Time: 20 minutes

Child Safety: This product has exposed cords and is not recommended for homes where children or pets may be present.

Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 11"
  • Maximum Width (as single headrail): 96"
  • Maximum Width (as 2-on-1 headrail): 144"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 120"
  • Minimum width Top Down/Bottom Up: 16"
  • Minimum width Continuous Cord Loop: 18"
  • Maximum width Continuous Cord Loop: 108"
  • Valance Height: 6"
  • Made In: Imported

Mounting Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 3/4"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed): 2"
  • Inside mount will will have a deduction of 1/2"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 3/4"

Optional Upgrades: