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Levolor Roman Shades

  • Elegant Roman shades comes in your choice of flat or hobbled style
  • Choose from a variety of lift control upgrades
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  • Color

    Semi-Sheer Colors

    • Lemongrass Stripe White MLN WH028
    • Lemongrass Cream MLN 33336
    • Lemongrass Champagne MLN 33337
    • Lemongrass Mocha MLN 33338
    • Lemongrass Light Gray MLN 33339
    • Tweed Rattan Champagne MRN 33341
    • Tweed Rattan Cinnamon MRN 33342
    • Tweed Rattan Latte MRN 33345
    • Tweed Rattan Blue MRN BL009
    • Tweed Rattan Mocha MRN 33343

    Light Filtering Colors

    • Designer Textures Whisper MDL 70200
    • Designer Textures Cream MDL 70202
    • Designer Textures Sand MDL 70247
    • Designer Textures Light Pink MDL RE016
    • Designer Textures Mink MDL 70209
    • Designer Textures Mauve MDL RE015
    • Designer Textures Light Gray MDL 70343
    • Designer Textures Graphite MDL 70345
    • Designer Textures Ocean MDL BL014
    • Designer Textures Dark Gray MDL GY056
    • Designer Textures Maroon MDL RE005
    • Designer Textures Blue MDL BL010
    • Designer Textures Black MDL 70847
      No Swatch
    • Heathered Whisper MHL MT021
    • Heathered Seaglass MHL BL008
    • Heathered Sand MHL MT018
    • Heathered Gray Moss MHL MT031
    • Heathered Stone MHL MT032
    • Seclusions White MSL 35021
    • Seclusions Biscuit MSL 35024
    • Seclusions Angel Wing MSL RE013
    • Seclusions Light Gray MSL 35027
    • Seclusions Gull Gray MSL GY054
    • Seclusions Arona MSL GY053
    • Seclusions Champagne MSL 35026
    • Seclusions Quiet Shade MSL GY055
    • Seclusions Fig MSL RE012
    • Seclusions Mocha MSL 35025
    • Forre White MFL WH065
    • Forre Beige MFL BE027
    • Forre Taupe MFL BE028
    • Forre Turquoise MFL GE013
    • Forre Warm Gray MFL GY064
    • Forre Dark Gray MFL GY065
    • Forre Denim MFL BL019
    • Forre Burgundy MFL RE018
    • Forre Black MFL BK011
    • Windsor Cream MWL WH061
    • Windsor Toasted Coconut MWL YW010
    • Windsor Oatmeal MWL BE022
    • Windsor MInk MWL BE021
    • Windsor Gray MWL GY058
    • Windsor Rain MWL BL016
    • Windsor Chocolate MWL BE023
    • Atlas Warm White MAL WH068
    • Atlas Silver MAL WH067
    • Atlas Riesling MAL YW012
    • Atlas Burro MAL BR042
    • Atlas Gray MAL GY068
    • Atlas Dark Gray MAL GY067
    • Atlas Graphite MAL GY066
    • Kingston White MKL WH060
    • Kingston Prosecco MKL WH058
    • Kingston Antarctica MKL WH059
    • Kingston Jade MKL GE010
    • Kingston Doe MKL BE019
    • Kingston Quiet Shade MKL GY052
    • Leo Cream MEL WH034
    • Leo Sand MEL BE010
    • Leo Silver MEL WH070
    • Leo Champagne MEL YW004
    • Leo Charcoal MEL GY029
    • Leo Black MEL BK002
    • Meridian Alabaster MML WH069
    • Meridian Light Fog MML GY063
    • Meridian Mink MML BE026
    • Meridian Navy MML BL020
    • Toronto Natural MTL WH063
    • Toronto Fog MTL GY060
    • Toronto Antique Gold MTL GE011
    • Toronto Stone MTL GY061
    • Toronto Denim MTL BL018
    • Toronto Cinnamon MTL BR040
    • Waltz Sage MZL PR036
    • Waltz Graphite MZL PR037
    • Waltz Sand Dollar MZL PR038
    • Divine Flax MIL PR007
    • Divine Cloud MIL PR008
    • Divine Ash MIL PR009
    • Fantasia Sandcastle MNL PR035
    • Fantasia Coral MNL PR034
    • Fantasia Deep Sea MNL PR033
    • Flourish Ivory MUL PA008
    • Flourish Spring Mist MUL PA013
    • Flourish Sand MUL PA009
    • Flourish Celeste MUL PA010
    • Flourish Navy MUL PA012
    • Flourish Mink MUL PA011
    • Orion Whisper MOL WH064
    • Orion Sand MOL BE025
    • Orion Graphite MOL GY062
    • Orion Chambray MOL BL018
    • Orion Moss MOL GE012
    • Orion Brick MOL RE017
    • Valour Flint MVL PR027
    • Valour Slate MVL PR028
    • Valour Iron MVL PR029
    More Rows of Colors

    Room Darkening Colors

    • Designer Textures Whisper MDR 70200
    • Designer Textures Cream MDR 70202
    • Designer Textures Sand MDR 70247
    • Designer Textures Light Pink MDR RE016
    • Designer Textures Mauve MDR RE015
    • Designer Textures Mink MDR 70209
    • Designer Textures Light Gray MDR 70343
    • Designer Textures Graphite MDR 70345
    • Designer Textures Ocean MDR BL014
    • Designer Textures Dark Gray MDR GY056
    • Designer Textures Maroon MDR RE005
    • Designer Textures Blue MDR BL010
    • Designer Textures Black MDR 70847
    • Heathered Whisper MHR MT021
    • Heathered Seaglass MHR BL008
    • Heathered Sand MHR MT018
    • Heathered Gray Moss MHR MT031
    • Heathered Stone MHR MT032
    • Seclusions White MSR 35021
    • Seclusions Biscuit MSR 35024
    • Seclusions Angel Wing MSR RE013
    • Seclusions Light Gray MSR 35027
    • Seclusions Gull Gray MSR GY054
    • Seclusions Arona MSR GY053
    • Seclusions Champagne MSR 35026
    • Seclusions Quiet Shade MSR GY055
    • Seclusions Fig MSR RE012
    • Seclusions Mocha MSR 35025
    • Forre White MFR WH065
    • Forre Beige MFR BE027
    • Forre Taupe MFR BE028
    • Forre Turquoise MFR GE013
    • Forre Warm Gray MFR GY064
    • Forre Dark Gray MFR GY065
    • Forre Denim MFR BL019
    • Forre Burgundy MFR RE018
    • Forre Black MFR BK011
    • Windsor Cream MWR WH061
    • Windsor Toasted Coconut MWR YW010
    • Windsor Oatmeal MWR BE022
    • Windsor Mink MWR BE021
    • Windsor Gray MWR GY058
    • Windsor Rain MWR BL016
    • Windsor Chocolate MWR BE023
    • Atlas Warm White MAR WH068
    • Atlas Silver MAR WH067
    • Atlas Riesling MAR YW012
    • Atlas Burro MAR BR042
    • Atlas Gray MAR GY068
    • Atlas Dark Gray MAR GY067
    • Atlas Graphite MAR GY066
    • Kingston White MKR WH060
    • Kingston Prosecco MKR WH058
    • Kingston Antarctica MKR WH059
    • Kingston Jade MKR GE010
    • Kingston Quiet Shade MKR GY052
    • Kingston Doe MKR BE019
    • Leo Cream MER WH034
    • Leo Sand MER BE010
    • Leo Silver MER WH070
    • Leo Champagne MER YW004
    • Leo Charcoal MER GY029
    • Leo Black MER BK002
    • Meridian Alabaster MMR WH069
    • Meridian Light Fog MMR GY063
    • Meridian Mink MMR BE026
    • Meridian Navy MMR BL020
    • Waltz Sage MZR PR036
    • Waltz Graphite MZR PR037
    • Waltz Sand Dollar MZR PR038
    • Divine Cloud MIR PR008
    • Divine Flax MIR PR007
    • Divine Ash MIR PR009
    • Fantasia Sandcastle MNR PR035
    • Fantasia Coral MNR PR034
    • Fantasia Deep Sea MNR PR033
    • Flourish Ivory MUR PA008
    • Flourish Sand MUR PA009
    • Flourish Spring Mist MUR PA013
    • Flourish Navy MUR PA012
    • Flourish Celeste MUR PA010
    • Flourish Mink MUR PA011
    • Orion Whisper MOR WH064
    • Orion Sand MOR BE025
    • Orion Graphite MOR GY062
    • Orion Moss MOR GE012
    • Orion Chambray MOR BL018
    • Orion Brick MOR RE017
    • Valour Slate MVR PR028
    • Valour Flint MVR PR027
      No Swatch
    • Valour Iron MVR PR029
    More Rows of Colors



Product Details

Product Description

The Levolor Classic Roman Shades offers the timeless look of Roman shades and is available in a wide variety of light-filtering and room-darkening colors and patterns. Choose from a variety of lift options based on your needs. Cord lock comes standard, or you can upgrade to cordless for ease of use and a streamlined look. Want more versatile light control? The top-down / bottom-up option (also available in cordless) allows you to open your shades from the top or the bottom. You can also upgrade to continuous cord loop, which requires less effort for raising and lowering, making it great for large, heavier shades.

Installation Time: 20 minutes

Coordinating Products: To coordinated all of your windows, click here to see other products that are available in the same materials.

Child Safety: This product can be made safer for windows where children or pets may be present by selecting the cordless or motorized control upgrade. All other lift controls available for this product have cords that may be accessible and are not recommended for windows where children or pets may be present.t

Standard Blind Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 17"
  • Maximum Width: 144"
  • Minimum Height: 18"
  • Maximum Height: 120"
  • Approximate Inside Mount Deduction: 3/8"
  • Made In: Imported

Mounting Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (standard corded & corded TDBU): 5/8"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (cordless, ccl & cordless TDBU): 1/2"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed - standard corded & corded TDBU): 2 1/4"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed - cordless, ccl & cordless TDBU): 2 1/8"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (motor with standard battery): 2"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed - motor with standard battery): 3"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (motor with satellite battery): 1 1/4"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (motor with satellite battery): 2 1/4"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 1 1/4"

Optional Upgrades:

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