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Bella View Advantage Roman Shades

  • Range of solid colors and eye-popping patterns to perfectly match your décor
  • Choose from four fold styles and add a valance for a finishing touch
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Normally made in 30 business days (allow extra time for shipping)

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    Sample orders are limited at this time and should be available for this product soon!
  • Color

    Fabric Colors

    • Calypso White VX117
    • Cotillion Lily VX142
    • Sorrento Dove VX222
    • Sorrento Camellia VX219
    • Sorrento Mica VX228
    • Newport White VX185
    • Brushstrokes Mercury VX111
    • Cottonwood November VX147
    • Network Radiant VX178
    • Rozzano Fiore VX199
    • Sorrento Coconut VX221
    • Brushstrokes Champagne VX109
    • Seville Cotton VX211
    • Calypso Honey VX115
    • Cotillion Cosmo VX141
    • Seville Limestone VX212
    • Calypso Cream VX113
    • Newport Cream VX180
    • Network Natural VX177
    • Sorrento Dune VX223
    • Sorrento Primrose VX230
    • Tahiti Driftwood VX231
    • Brocade Terrain VX107
    • Geneva Terra VX161
    • Cotillion Maple VX143
    • Newport Linen VX184
    • Navarro Cornsilk VX168
    • Rozzano Wheat VX205
    • Chenille Biscuit VX123
    • Sorrento Fawn VX224
    • Newport Cappuccino VX179
    • Fiona Stripe Sandstone VX155
    • Bayou Raffia VX100
    • Corsico Goldenrod VX134
    • Geneva Rye VX159
    • Navarro Zinnia VX174
    • Sorrento Clover VX220
    • Climbing Vine Everglade VX129
    • Rozzano Fern VX198
    • Navarro Emerald VX169
    • Oasis Agave VX186
    • Rozzano Aubergine VX196
    • Cotillion Merlot VX144
    • Rozzano Dahlia VX197
    • Navarro Apple VX166
    • Rozzano Sunset VX203
    • Navarro Tiger Lily VX173
    • Bayou Shell VX102
    • Fiona Stripe Blush VX151
    • Jaspe Biscuit VX162
    • Sorrento Grain VX225
    • Crystalline Marble VX149
    • Breezes Sandcastle VX104
    • Ophelia Shell VX194
    • Oasis Sahara VX189
    • Oasis Reed VX188
    • Rozzano Flax VX200
    • Crystalline Tundra VX150
    • Cotillion Chestnut VX140
    • Chenille Suede VX126
    • Navarro Pine Nut VX171
    • Newport Flax VX181
    • Chenille Flagstone VX125
    • Climbing Vine Chardonnay VX128
    • Oasis Bloom VX187
    • Ophelia Linen VX192
    • Geneva Shale VX160
    • Terra Nova Desert VX233
    • Cottonwood August VX146
    • Sereno Almond VX206
    • Navarro Cornerstone VX167
    • Ophelia Pearl VX193
    • Seville Slate VX215
    • Seville Travertine VX216
    • Ophelia Beach VX191
    • Sorrento Platinum VX229
    • Brocade Antique VX105
    • Newport Flint VX182
    • Climbing Vine Cashmere VX127
    • Seville Quartz VX214
    • Seville Cinnamon VX210
    • Seville Mahogany VX213
    • Corsico Teak VX138
    • Rozzano Walnut VX204
    • Cotillion River VX145
    • Rozzano Sea VX202
    • Jaspe Indigo VX165
    • Navarro Marina VX170
    • Sorrento Lake VX227
    • Bayou Seaport VX101
    • Fiona Stripe Pewter VX154
    • Corsico Mint VX136
    • Bayou Storm VX103
    • Fiona Stripe Moonstone VX152
    • Tahiti Pier VX232
    • Brocade Gravel VX106
    • Network Circuit VX175
    • Terra Nova Pepper VX234
    • Calypso Nickel VX116
    • Newport Grey VX183
    • Fiona Stripe Snow VX156
    • Calypso Grey VX114
    • Network Microchip VX176
    • Jaspe Boulder VX163
    • Fiona Stripe Spark VX157
    • Ophelia Steel VX195
    • Corsico Silverdrop VX137
    • Crystalline Cloud VX148
    • Geneva Cloudburst VX158
    • Navarro Shadow VX172
    • Sorrento Iron VX226
    • Cotillion Ash VX139
    • Climbing Vine Flannel VX130
    • Oasis Smokewood VX190
    • Jaspe Charcoal VX164
    • Chenille Cinder VX124
    • Rozzano Granite VX201
    • Climbing Vine Onyx VX131
    More Rows of Colors
    Sample orders are limited at this time and should be available for this product soon!
  • Banding Color

    Banding Colors

    • Sorrento Dove VX222
    • Sorrento Mica VX228
    • Sorrento Camellia VX219
    • Sorrento Coconut VX221
    • Sorrento Dune VX223
    • Sorrento Primrose VX230
    • Navarro Cornsilk VX168
    • Sorrento Fawn VX224
    • Navarro Zinnia VX174
    • Sorrento Clover VX220
    • Navarro Emerald VX169
    • Navarro Apple VX166
    • Navarro Tiger Lily VX173
    • Sorrento Grain VX225
    • Navarro Pine Nut VX171
    • Sorrento Platinum VX229
    • Sorrento Lake VX227
    • Navarro Marina VX170
    • Navarro Cornerstone VX167
    • Navarro Shadow VX172
    • Sorrento Iron VX226
    More Rows of Colors


Product Details

Product Description

Get classic beauty at a great price with the Bella View Advantage Roman Shade from American Blinds. A great mix of high style and practical function, this shade comes in a range of solid and patterned fabrics and features various upgrade options. Available fold styles include flat, relaxed, classic and hobbled, which range in appearance from flat and structured to deeply textured. Shade comes standard with a light-filtering liner on the back; upgrade to a blackout liner if you wish to darken the room. Fabric valance and decorative banding options are available to give your shade a finished look.

Upgrade to a cordless lift for a clean look and easy operation, or choose the popular top-down/bottom-up lift upgrade, which enables you to lift the shade from the bottom or lower it from the top, giving you privacy below while letting light in above.

For an uncluttered appearance and the utmost convenience, upgrade to a motorized lift, which allows you to control your shade with the touch of a button. This option is also safer for kids and pets.

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Installation Time: 12-15 minutes

Production Time: 5 business days

Child Safety: This product can be made safer for children and pets with the selection of the motorized lift option. All other lift options have accessible cords and are not recommended for homes with children and/or pets.

Standard Lift Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 24"
  • Maximum Width: 114"
  • Minimum Height: 24"
  • Maximum Height: 120"
  • Inside Mount Deduction: 1/4"

Continuous Cord Loop Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 24"
  • Maximum Width: 102"
  • Minimum Height: 24"
  • Maximum Height: 120"

Top Down Bottom Up Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 24"
  • Maximum Width: 92"
  • Minimum Height: 24"
  • Maximum Height: 120"

Cordless Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 24"
  • Maximum Width: 84"
  • Minimum Height: 24"
  • Maximum Height: 84"
  • Not available with Relaxed or Flat Fold styles

Motorized Lift Specifications

  • Minimum Width: 30"
  • Maximum Width: 84"
  • Minimum Height: 24"
  • Maximum Height: 120"
  • Made In: Imported

Mounting Requirements

Standard Cord Lift and Top Down Bottom Up

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 1 1/4"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed): 1 7/8"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 3/4"

Cordless and Continuous Cord Loop

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 2"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed) (Cordless): 2 1/4"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed) (Continuous Cord Loop): 3"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 3/4"

Optional Upgrades

  • Relaxed Fold - Outside Mount Only
  • Hobbled Fold
  • Flat and Classic Fold
  • Top Down Bottom Up
  • Continuous Cord Loop
  • Cordless Lift
  • Motorized Lift
  • Blackout Liner
  • Edge or Inset Banding (not available with Relaxed Fold)
  • 6" Valance with cords in front
  • Two Shades on One Headrail - split evenly