Bedroom Window Treatments

Gray bedroom with a large bed, two large windows with decorative foliage roller shades and a black media console centered under the windows.

When considering bedroom window treatments, shades are a very popular style. Shades are fabric window treatments that are available in wide variety of materials depending on your style. With a vast array of colors and patterns, as well as the versatility of control and light blocking options it's easy to see why shades are top of mind in bedroom decorating ideas. Roman shades can pull a space together, when you coordinate with bedding and accent pillows. Cellular shades, available in a range of colors, and the blackout option is best for those who want a "cave-like" darkness. They are also available with an option for blackout and light filtering fabrics all in one shade.

Blinds are more "function over fashion" when it comes to bedroom design. Their slatted style is ideal for early risers who don't mind a bit of light seeping in when the slats are closed. Layering with drapes will allow night owls a bit of relief in the early morning, as well as give an added layer of dimension to the bedroom design.

Available in both light filtering and room darkening fabrics, roller shades have a functional simplicity and classic look. Express your style through a wide range of fabric styles, colors and patterns, and layer with custom drapes to achieve a designer feel and control the "halo" of light around blackout roller shades.

Natural woven wood shades incorporate premium textured fabrics and organic materials bringing the beauty of nature right into your home. Control the amount of light by choosing a liner that can filter light or darken your room.

When designing window treatments for a child's room or nursery, products without accessible cords should be first and foremost for child safety. Exposed cords could pose a strangulation hazard to small children and infants. Shutters, cordless roller shades and cellular shades are a few preferred options for bedroom window treatments.